Everywhere is Zip, Zep, Zop………….

15 Sep
Hi everyone
Thought I’d start an online singing blog starting from week one of the rehearsals. Similar to the diaries I wrote at the start of Sing Live, way way back before we’d even started making up our own lyrics to the songs. Thanks Judith and Eileen for sharing the now infamous in Bohemian Rhapsody, ‘spare him his life from this pork sausage tea’ 😉

So just a quickie about last night. A new (well to me) warm up with Zip Zap Zop or even Zip Zep Zup – never quite got the hang of it as I’ve only just got over Orinoco Flow!  Plus I’m not sure about anyone else, but I couldn’t get Zig and Zag from Big Breakfast out of my head…………..remember them? Well they were a distraction for me last night.

Then into the real stuff. It was if we never said goodbye as we all slipped into it again so comfortably. I’ve promised myself that I will do some practice this week, and I’m still at that self-deluded stage of being convinced I’ll learn the words early. So bring it on and let’s see/hear what happens.

Happy Christmas Carolling everyone and see you next week.



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