Warm ups and warm weather

29 Sep

Hi everyone

Well week 3 of Christmas already. Not that the weather is in sync with us. It was more like everywhere T-shirts on a balmy September night. Next week is forecast snow, so at least that will please Frosty.

Another round of wacky warm ups to exercise our voices and brains. ONE …………TWO …………EIGHT (phew thank you eight for just being you). When there were three steps to SEVEN (waa, waa, ooo) well that was a very different story 😉

The funky rests in ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ and the (s)mash up of ‘Hallelujah to the King’. Wow! Next week off the book for some (oops forgot to write them down).

I’ll keep trying to learn the words, although it can get very confusing –

Angels wing,

Mountains ring, but sometimes sing.

Valleys also ring, as does the sky at one point.

Bit disappointed that so far nothing pings.

But this is more than made up for by the request for peas on earth.

Off the books …………….. more chance of me hitting a SEVEN!


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