Ladies and gentlemen meet Ms. Perky Do Do

7 Oct

Hi everyone

Week 4 already. The heatwave has ended and we are now back in autumn, with a Christmas twist.

Weird warm ups again with mama-nanna. Why is that so difficult? Then straight to ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’, where we were introduced to one of Gary’s made up characters ‘Perky Do Do’. After much ado about the ‘Do Do’s, and a musical sneeze from Kirsten, hysterical laughter set in. I tried my best to make my ‘Do Do’ perky, but mine were definitely more ‘Droopy Don’t Don’t’s’ ;-(

So I’ll put work on my ‘Do Do’s on my ‘To Do’s.

The note-bashing in Rudolph had me confused, until someone realised we’d been given the alto 1 line on the CD. ” Calm down (Lorraine) dear. It’s only Rudolph.”

We then tried to evoke a pastorale mood in ‘The Piper’s Carol’. Pastorale? Really? I ask sheepishly.

We are certainly making fast progress this term and now have five songs off pat (ah she’s canny).  I am looking forward to moving off the books in the (s)mash up, but I was clinging on for dear life on Wednesday night. I think we all felt the same as Gary mentioned the sense of terror in the air. So a night of descriptive ‘P’ words – Perky Do Do, Pastorale Pipers – ended in palpable terror. How fitting.

Ms Perky Do Do


3 Responses to “Ladies and gentlemen meet Ms. Perky Do Do”

  1. Sue October 8, 2011 at 12:13 am #

    You have to this more often Lazza, your a natural x

  2. singingalto2 October 8, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    Thanks Sue. You would have enjoyed the Do Do’s.


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    […] first did the perky do dos in the 2011 and if you fancy a step back in time you can read about it here. That was the year we all got overcome with emotion holding a tea-light in ‘Let There Be […]

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