An alto’s lament

20 Oct

Hi everyone.

Week 6 already…….they’re flying by faster than Dancer, Prancer and co. I missed last week and didn’t get to blag, oops blog, so straight to week 6.

A good rehearsal with a full run through of the concert, which really helped to highlight the areas I need to work on. There’s two things 1) the words and 2) the harmonies 😉

There was an unexpected Max Factor* moment when our newly polished dipthongs were filmed. Watch the clip on YouTube and you will see that Gary was literally knocked sideways by our performance. Or did he just fall over when 300+ people spat out the ‘T’s on his new iPhone?

During the night there was also a glimpse of Perky Do Do, but no filming of her.

I loved Gary’s quip about the alto 2s resentfully singing our first note in ‘Chestnuts’. Can we keep that in the concert? Perhaps if we include a [chest]nut allergy warning in the programme it might work?

I’m struggling with all of the Mancini numbers, in particular Rudolph as I keep getting drawn into the tune. I have to confess to thoughts of punching Rudolph on that red nose of his, but that’s not very festive.

So I know that I have to knuckle down, not to punch Rudolph, but to do some serious word learning then I’ll move onto the harmonies. That’ll be as easy as naming Santa’s reindeer – Dancer, Prancer, Chancer, Doner Kebab?? and of course not forgetting Olive the other reindeer, aka Sue and Sue, from the racecourse a few years ago.

* Other brands of makeup are available.


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