Mancini madness

27 Oct

Hi everyone,

Rehearsal week 7 already. I enjoyed this week’s warm ups, which helped us to blend our voices together and listen to one another. All in preparation for detailed work on the Mancini numbers.

We accomplished two things that I’ve wanted to do for a while – we got to grips with Mr Mancini’s chestnuts and then tackled Rudolph. I’ve been dreaming of both.

First the lovely chestnuts and Gary again commented that the altos resentfully gave up the first note of “Che”. It’s not that we don’t like it, it just doesn’t seem to like us very much. Plus there was a myriad of instructions and innuendo to contend with – friendly on fire, not too long on your nip, stretch your tiny tots – all that and it’s nowt like the tune we all know and love. Or even any tune in parts 😉

The alto-yodel-fest continued in Rudolph, who I like a bit more than last week. I find that I can sing the alto 2 line when it’s just alto 2s singing, but throw in any other voice parts and I’m straight back to the tune. Perhaps once I’ve committed the alto 2 part to memory, or even been committed myself, I won’t be able to remember the traditional tune? So in hindsight it was good to be forced to sing the alto 2 line on our own, facing the firing squad choir, if not a bit scary (for us as well as for you I reckon).

Gary had a field day with Olive the other reindeer, which became an instruction for the men and tenor ladies – “from Olive please tenors and basses”. After a few repetitions Olive slipped and became the more impressive Olav. So impressive that he turned Perky Do Do’s head and made it wobble a bit. The head wobble had everyone in hysterics and needed a second and even third go just to prove how funny it looked. I’ve been doing it all day at work and they think I’m bonkers, but then they already do because I’ve been singing Christmas songs for weeks and when I sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer it sounds like I don’t know the tune!

An excellent rehearsal which was a real tonic and very rewarding.  Mancini’s chestnuts were well and truly roasted, Rudolph was nit-picked, Olav wobbled Perky Do Do’s head after which all inhibition was lost and we funky shuffled along nicely to ‘Go tell it on the mountain’.

Who knew that Christmas Carolling could be SUCH FUN? (Oh my god I sound like Miranda).

Olav the other reindeer


Here’s some handy hints on the head wobble:

Not like this .......

... and definitely not like this


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