A bearskin rug and Frosty

5 Nov

Hi everyone

Week 8 of rehearsals brought another bout of Mancini madness, though milder than last week 😉

First we did some detailed work on White Christmas – “and may all you Christmases be right” as Gary kept saying. Once again I suffered from the alto-mancini-yodel when I couldn’t find the note for white. Is that an important note? Would anyone notice if I goldfished it? Though the alto 2s found a line we like in ‘with every Christmas card I write’ and we milked that for all its worth.

Then some rather bizarre imagery to help us get further in the mood. It was along the lines of ‘pretend you’re on a bearskin rug’. I tried but kept thinking about the logistics – what all of us? what type of bear? a very big and confused one I think? ……..

Confused bear

After we ended up sounding like we were under the bearskin rug, we instead melted into an imagery of being coated in chocolate (sorry guys I’m scared to google an image for that, I’ll have leave it for you to picture).  So that was White Christmas done, dusted, and now all our christmases are right (I think).

Our beloved Frosty was next, he’s a jolly happy soul you know. When I heard the sopranos sing their part, I was sooooooo jealous – I want to sing the tune. Then I found out that I do, every other couple of bars, and I felt a bit better. I like Frosty now that I’ve decided to ignore my scribbled notes as to what bars to sing, and just go with the flow.

After much hard work we were granted an early finish. I left dreaming of poor Frosty melting away, though it has to be said not as quickly as that chocolate coated image from earlier!

Frosty in a not so jolly mood


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