Never mind the words, learn your loins

10 Nov

Hi Watu Wote

Week 9 of rehearsals had us singing a full run through to include motown dance moves choreography.  To keep it edgy we started with the second half, and then in the second half we sang the first half (confused you will be).

The altos got a compliment on their chests in ‘Chestnuts Roasting’, we must be friends now with that first note. Frosty had us laughing and dancing, and Little Drummer Boy made us groan (but only because we had to leave him to next week).

In the break Denise kitted out the Disney crew with black and red fleeces, hoodies (with and without zips), and jackets. Denise if you are reading this I think there is a gap in the market for some Inspiration name tags, as it could get confusing holding up a red fleece in the middle of the Magic Kingdom and shouting ‘who does this belong to?’ If you want to take this idea to Dragons Den I’ll go with you.

I loved that when we started to sing ‘The Piper’s Carol’ half of the sopranos started to do a ‘Master of the House’ / ‘Oom pah pah’ type lilt back and forth. Hilarious that Gary immediately shouted ‘STOP’ 😉 So just remember that ‘Piper’s Carol’ is pastorale, which kind of means hay, but definitely not sway.

The main event of Wednesday night though was the gospel singing in ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’.  We sang it our usual way, that’s supported and from the diaphragm singing, not with a glass of wine in the bath. Then we blindly followed Gary’s directions of stand with your legs wide apart and sing from below your diaphragm, which is a polite way of saying sing from your loins. Of course Gary performed some dodgy moves to explain this style of singing, and at one point he looked like a cross between Vic Reeves and someone demonstrating how to give birth (sorry Gary you’re nothing like Vic really).

So we all adopted the stance and girded our loins. If anyone had opened the door to the church they would have been confronted with 300+ people looking like a cowboy getting ready for a gunfight.

Get off your horse and sing gospel

But I have to say it worked and never mind our loins, we put our hearts and souls into singing it too. There was a round of applause at the end when Denise and Kirsten did an impromptu duet……….”that Jesus Christ is [pause] BOOOrrrrr…….”

A good rehearsal with loads of people off the books (but not me yet). Only one week until Paris and then after that very nearly concert time, so I’ll get back to my word and loin learning.

Au revoir

Celebrity from the loin-ers:

Elvis combining 2 of our moves

George trying but failing to do any


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