Singing to Gary’s Nan in the Sage

19 Nov
Bonjour tout le monde

Week 10 and it’s the Sage rehearsal. It was lovely to be greeted by Santa’s reindeers – 4 blonde, 1 dark, all of them jolly and happy and all with a red nose. I was honoured with a pair of antlers too, which I wore to get into the festive spirit. Santa’s reindeer helpers were very helpful indeed and showed us where we would be seated for the concert. So we left, sometimes in the right direction, repeatedly chanting “risers C11, risers C11, risers C11” until we were correctly in place on stage.

Once we were all seated the rehearsal started. Gary told us about how we should sing out to his Nan. She’s very musical you know and sits right at the back of the hall. She’s a bit of a Simon Cowell-esque music critic “your diction was excellent daarrrrrlings, but you didn’t Do Do where you do and you did Do Do where you don’t”. Bless her she’s been to every concert.

Go grandma

Then stage etiquette. When standing it’s hands by your side, and when seated put your hands on your knees – all together now “your own knees”.

Gary played Inspiration Musical Statues, which is slightly different from the game we all played as a kid. In the Inspiration version you stand like a statue* before the music starts and Gary shouts and points if you twitch, flick your hair, or breathe. He gave the memorable instruction “whatever is running down your face just leave it” – so if you have a bogey leave it until you boogie – yuck sorry.

We rattled through the numbers with no major hiccoughs. Little Drummer Boy is going to be magical and I’m not ashamed to admit there will be something running down my face during that; though I will fight the urge to squeegee mop it off so as not to spoil Nan’s or anyone elses enjoyment.

I was pleased not to be dragged off into singing soprano in ‘Let Earth and Heaven Reply’. But did get into a Mancini muddled yodel with ‘Rudolph’, ‘Chestnuts’ and some bits of ‘Frosty’.  Well it was difficult being in one row of Alto 2s beside umpteen rows of Alto 1s. So for the Mancini numbers I will either be singing Alto 1.5 or Alto 3 depending on how the mood takes me.

We practiced getting on and off stage, which is a bit like the conga without the music and of course without Carmen Miranda (shame that).

Getting off stage in the line up

Then unfortunately I had to go home in the break because I didn’t feel well.

I’m sure that the rest of the rehearsal was as much fun, and it all sounds excellent. You’ve all scooted off to Paris now though, so I don’t know for sure. I hope you are all having fun and look forward to some good photos to post on here. (Clean photos only please sopranos I know what you’re like).

Not that I feel like the only Inspirationer left in Newcastle, BUT ………. “One Voice, singing in the darkness ………”

* Unacceptable statues when playing Inspiration Musical Statues

Noooo. Not even if you're on the back row at the top!



2 Responses to “Singing to Gary’s Nan in the Sage”

  1. Val Pickering November 22, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    Hi SingAlto2

    This is great, I am Sop2 can I come and join the blog? We had a ball in Disneyland Paris but so knackered on return back to the grind.

    • singingalto2 November 22, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

      Hi Val

      Blog is open to anyone who wants to read or comment. Glad you like it! It looks like Paris was great fun, but I imagine very tiring. I wish I could have gone too, maybe another time. I’ll have to try to get some Paris stories to put on here.

      See you at the Sage. Lorraine

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