Sage Part II – The Dance Moves

24 Nov

Où sont les chanteurs anglais rouge?

 Hi everyone

Week 11 and both Leeds and Newcastle Inspiration are safely back in the UK after painting the town red and black in Paris. It sounds like you had a fun-filled weekend at Disneyland Paris and that you did us proud in all performances. I thought about you every second that you were away and I was definitely there in spirit.

Everyone that I’ve asked about the weekend does the same thing – you all smile, you all laugh, and then you all go goofy over Mickey 🙂 I’ve also heard of deeds of extreme daring – cowboys, bison, stampedes and also a few Inspirationers who went on ‘It’s a Small World’ and/or the Tea Cups.

Well back to the Sage with a bump. It was a bit weird to start with as we were in the audience seats facing the stage. So to get used to it we played voice snooker with Gary’s Nan – pick a panel on the wall and ricochet your voice off it towards Nan who is sitting at the back of the hall again. No complaints from Nan, so it seemed to work.

I think it was in ‘White Christmas’ where Gary said to the sopranos – “it’s not what’s written on the page, but I like what you are singing en masse.” Although difficult ‘White Christmas’ is sounding lovely, but thinking of it now makes me want a bar of chocolate. That’s Gary’s melting chocolate imagery tempting me away from my diet (well any excuse).

This week ended up being Dance Week, as in “Hallelujah to the King” it was step – touch – step – touch – swirl – turn – pas de bouree – pirouette (ok so I’ve added in swirl).

It was like Fame and Gary was Miss Grant…….”You want Christmas? Everywhere? Tonight?……Well here’s where you start paying…….in sweat.” I fully expected Gary’s Nan to go all Strictly Come Dancing’s Len Goodman on us and shout “seven!”

Then once you paid some in sweat, the pressure was put on us with another dance move obscure instruction  – “dig bonk”. Now where on earth does that phrase come from? It’s another one that could be a bit dodgy to Google. So instead I imagine “dig bonk” as two characters from The Wacky Races, nowt to do with the move itself I know but it’s how my mind works.

Dig and Bonk driving rock in Hallelujah to the King

I’m sure I was not the only one to go to bed with sore feet from the choreography, sore hands from clapping, and a sore head from thinking about it all.

‘Hallelujah’ is now a deeply burrowed earworm, but that’s not to say I fully know the words yet. Sorry Gary I think I’ve got the shout rejoicing / bow before him bits fully embedded, but I was convinced today that there is a toast to the King at one point. I’d found this picture whilst Googling, so that must have confused me.

We don't toast the King.........what a shame

Only one more rehearsal and then it’s concert time. Exciting! Perhaps if we can get the choreography sorted Denise can start a line in Inspiration leg warmers and then move on to leotards. Imagine that …… actually no don’t ….. 😉


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