Nearly time to release your Perky Do Dos and dance moves on the public

1 Dec

Hi everyone

Can you believe that the last rehearsal has been and gone already?  I was expecting a nice relaxing night, catch up with a few pals, grab a coffee, chat some more, finish early…..ooh and sing a bit. But NO we did a full run through at full belt and full volume.

The warm ups made the room ring and bits of Gary buzz at one point (don’t ask). As we’re all still getting used to the layout of the church and the whereabouts of sopranos and altos,  Gary experimented with a few directions to the balcony women, balcony a cappella, the low women, and the women on the floor. So perhaps that makes the alto 2s the lowest of the low women on the floor? Mmm not sure about that.

Gary went through the list of dos and don’ts for the concert.

Do sing, smile, sing, dance, enjoy yourself, and of course perk your Do Dos.

Don’t drink on stage (water or alcohol), wave to your Mam during ‘Away in a Manager’, be too po-faced pre-Perky Do Dos, or shout out ‘BONK’ after finishing the choreography in ‘Hallelujah to the King’.”Even if it does remind you of your wedding night ….. One …Two … Three … BONK”. Gary’s words not mine.

Nellie and Maude 2 low women about to sing 'Silver Bells'

We were complimented on our diction. Not by nan tonight she’s still at the Sage, but by Gary. There were a few exceptions with ‘Sod of Sod’ and ‘I played my dress for him’, which we will all have to put out of our minds. I saw Susie mention on Facebook that in her version of ‘Frosty’ he’s still a jolly happy soul, but with a cold pork pie and a button nose. Forget them all or I’ll be censored.

In parts where we collectively forgot the words Gary did some pretty dodgy mimes. The second verse of Frosty is a good example, where he made us all lose our composure with his ‘fairy’ mime. Ooh you are awful, but I like you!

Well thought I’d keep this one short and sweet as I don’t know the words yet as I’ll write again after the concert. I’m really looking forward to Saturday, it’s always exciting, exhilarating, inspirational and a shared experience with a big group of friends. Oh and the men get to wear something scarlet and vertical, you really got the Gok Wan treatment there didn’t you 🙂

See you all Saturday xx

Don't be too po-faced pre- Perky Do Dos


One Response to “Nearly time to release your Perky Do Dos and dance moves on the public”

  1. Val Pickering December 1, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    You are really hilarious Lorraine!

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