This time last week

10 Dec


Ah just think this time last week…….. We were at the Sage waiting to line up in a conga without Carmen Miranda to sing for Gary’s Nan plus a few others, and we were all more than willing to show our Perky Do Dos. How weird that it’s only been a week, and how weird to read back that last sentence. Anyone who isn’t in Inspiration would think that I had overdosed on Vocalzones (verkel zerns as it’s pronounced here) and gone a bit menthol. [No comment].

I loved the concert, but I suffered for my art and have been ill all week. Backache from the tension of keeping my Do Dos perky, and stomach pains from over exuberant singing plus eating too much Christmas fayre  (I blame Weight Watchers, fancy making last Saturday a points-free day).

So I’ve gone from perky alto 2 to Mrs Overall in the space of one week.

Mrs Overall and I have lots in common. We both know how to enjoy ourselves, drink tea, and buy Primark tights for £2.50

I’ve missed singing this week and by Wednesday had my rehearsal CD back catalogue out to play singalonga. So I’ve O Fortuna’d, aptly One Voiced, and even at one point Sailed Away with Enya (still one of the most difficult set of lyrics to learn). God my neighbours must be sick of me. I’m sure I’ll be handed an ASBO soon for noise pollution or get a visit from the RSPCA after reports of cats being strangled.

I missed the slimmed down concert in Darlington last night. It sounds like you had a lovely time singing carols with a bit of last minute choreography thrown in, and that you raised a tidy sum as well. But hang on a just cotton picking minute what’s this about pigs in blankets and mince pies??? A bar as well (and not a musical one but a drinky one I presume) and mulled wine?? “Ah man” (as we say here as well as verkel zern).

Did you Perky Do Do too? I hope you did as we need to keep Perky Do Do alive and kicking.  I just realised last week that she doesn’t want to go the same way as her namesake.

As dead as a dodo, but hopefully not a Do Do

One last thing are pigs in blankets the same as devils on horseback?

One final last thing….What’s worse than Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with a runny nose? Frosty the snowman with a hot flush 🙂

Very nearly the final last thing …. I hope rehearsals are going well in Leeds and that you are looking forward to your concert.

And finally [collective sigh]  ….. I’ll see you on Tuesday at St Mary’s, Newcastle – hopefully I’ll be backache and stomach pain free and wearing £2.50 tights 😉


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