It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

16 Dec

…..Ev’rywhere you go

Yes that’s right it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. All of my advent calendar chocs have been eaten, I couldn’t look another mince pie in the face, the cat has pulled down my tree three times, and today it snowed. BUT of course more, much more than this, it’s the Leeds Inspiration concert this weekend. Hooray!

I hope you are all excited and ready for the big day, I’ve heard on the grapevine that Gary’s nan is. Also after our awesome performance in clearing out the food aisles in Marks and Spencers Newcastle and Gateshead, M&S in Leeds have decided to put on extra staff and are expecting a similar boost in sales of Christmas fayre. It’ll be like Inspiration supermarket sweep – go for it! Though best learn from our mistakes and start fasting tonight, then you’ll be nice and hungry by Sunday.

I’m sure you’re all word perfect now and could sing it drunk and are looking forward to some head wobbling. Hope you have as much fun Perky Do Do-ing as we did. Just to warn you though some of our men and tena tenor ladies are coming down to shout ‘Olav the other reindeer’ at you, so don’t head wobble too much and fall over when you hear Geordie voices.

We’ll all be thinking about you and even conducting singalonga concerts in our own homes, and in real time, on Sunday. In fact it’s a damn shame we can’t do a live-via-satellite link. Think I’ll ask Sue ‘the Party Planner’ Mitchell to look into that for next year 😉

Not much else has been happening in my world. I’m still doing a good Mrs Overall impersonation and I’m now making progress into double gussets for the cold weather why oh why did I just write that? My top news from this week is an exciting toilet visit I made – not as yuck as it sounds – it was in the restaurant at The Baltic where they have “a loo with a view” and you can stand at the washbasins looking out across the Tyne through the big picture windows.

Have a look at this link if you think I’ve been hallucinating, although I have to say it did look more impressive at night and after a few glasses of wine.

Well that’s all folks. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, although if I miss singing I will write again before the big day.

Look forward to news, reviews and how did we do on our Do Dos from the concert. I’m sure in Leeds on Sunday it really will be everywhere Christmas [for that night].


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