Has Santa been yet?

22 Dec

Hi everyone

Surely he should be here by now? Come on Santa we’ve been waiting for ages! It’s been everywhere Christmas in Leeds and Newcastle a few times, and we’ve been singing Carols since September so please hurry up.

Does anyone else feel like it’s been going on for ages and what’s up with the weather? At this time of year we’ve normally been snowed in for a week, surviving by eating chocolate tree decorations and Pringles, but instead outside it is frost free, dark, cold and wet – it could be July.

I’ve read the glowing comments on Facebook about the Leeds concert, they all say ‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’, ‘marvellous’ and other such superlatives. I’ve also watched ‘Let there be peace on earth’ and it is just spine-tingling, something that we will all remember being part of. It made me think that we should keep a list of top Inspiration moments, but then I realised it could be a very long list that contains virtually ALL Inspiration moments.

So to summarise the list would be both Paris trips [though I missed them I know they’re up there], the concerts, fundraising events, flashmobs, and the rehearsals. All in all a pretty inspiring list, so no wonder we are all looking forward to hitting the high seas next term.

Even though the concert finished last week the Leeds audience want more peace on earth

Back to waiting for Santa I’ll be keeping an eye on this countdown clock. We are 2 days, 4 hours, 52 minutes and 30 29, 28, 27 seconds away from Christmas Day. It’s exciting, though even more so if you are six years old rather than 42.

Enjoy the holidays. Two of our featured ‘Everywhere Christmas’ celebrities are already enjoying their time off.

Dasher conned the dog into taking his place

Dancer does his party trick. Christmas wreath hula hoop

As for the more famous Perky Do Do, well she ran off with Olav the other reindeer (he turned her head) and they were last seen boarding a plane to Benidorm 😉 Happy Christmas everyone and an Inspirational New Year.

See you next term on the Titanic xx

Scene from 1997's Titanic movie


2 Responses to “Has Santa been yet?”

  1. Pat December 23, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    Love your blog, very amusing! Well done!
    2nd alto, Pat from Leeds

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