Happy New Year everyone!

1 Jan

Hi watu wote, tout le monde, everyone

Happy New Year and hope it is an inspirational one for everyone. Hooray it’s 2012 already and our 3-month long celebration of Christmas is nearly at an end.  It certainly has been everywhere Christmas for ever and ever and ever. But now we move on to 2012 [eek] the year of the Olympics, Diamond Jubilee, Titanic centenary, all of our birthdays – see it is already making 2011 look so last year.

I’ve taken down the Christmas theme on our blog and have chosen a bright new theme instead. I hope it’s clear and easy to use as I’ve spent many an hour deliberating over it. I had wanted to go with a Titanic / sea / nautical theme but there weren’t any available. Although on my Google searches I did stumble upon a dodgy porn website of titanic large rude things, so at least I haven’t wasted my time and I’ve been educated along the way. Now all that’s left is to dismantle my real decorations and tree, though it is tempting to leave them and become a Christmassy Miss Havisham covered in tinsel and cobwebs, whilst singing perky Do Dos to myself.

In fitting with our new concert theme I have a titanic hangover today, feel a bit ropey and could quite easily ship ahoy. I only went out for a quiet few drinks but somehow ended up drinking lots of Bacardi, singing my own version of Auld Lang Syne, and not getting home until 4am.  Since when has there been a cup of kindness? I can’t remember that bit.  So I’ve yet to think of new year’s resolutions other than sing loudly in public at least once a week, laugh more and eat less stop drinking Bacardi.

I can’t believe it is only 2 weeks until we start singing again. Doesn’t time fly? Oh and it’s only 358 days until Christmas – woo hooo! I’m looking forward to getting into some new music, putting Perky Do Do to bed, hearing more of Gary’s jokes, and the infectious hilarity of some rehearsals.

Perky Diva

See you all very soon on HMS Inspiration. I need to lie down now because all this talk of sea and ships is making me feel queasy, nowt to do with all that Bacardi of course 😉


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