The 7-day shipping forecast

4 Jan


The 7-day shipping forecast

Within the next 7 days there will be swells of massed voices singing in harmony within the Newcastle and Leeds area. There will be waves of piano music, waves to your pals across the room, and a mexican wave if we can get the harmonies right first time.

Any clouds and cobwebs will be swept away through frequent outbursts of laughter, with an occasional titter along the way. Seasonal weather such as Big Normas and Perky Do Dos will be infrequent, though their equivalent (yet to be discovered) will no doubt  appear within the first few weeks of term.

Lor(Rain)e will be persistent in the making of bad puns, though the outlook is good after a few weeks when the jokes run out or she is missing from rehearsals.  As sung about in the Johnny Nash song ‘I can see clearly now Lorraine has gone’ 😉

Sea state: We’re all in this together, no women and children first

Ice: No thanks

Visibility: Poor if stuck behind a pillar or you forget your glasses. Rose-tinted if you think it’ll be easy to learn the words






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