A singalong mixed sauna session

19 Jan

Hi everyone

Week 2 of rehearsals and it was a titanic singalong, crammed packed and rather energetic. The temperature also made it rather sauna-like and I’m sure we’ve all lost weight as a result of Gary’s singalong mixed sauna session. [Denise will be placing orders for Inspiration towels and turban towel-wraps next week].

We worked on our vowels in the warm-ups and did one of those clever Gary tricks to help project our voices. The Steps ‘Tragedy’ one where you put your hands up to your face and then project your voice as you move your hands forward. I like it, although my work colleagues don’t 🙂

I’m sure there was some cheating at the back though.

noo nooo noooo NOOO NNNNNOOOO

We then worked on ‘Eeeeee’, which should be more ‘Ihhhhh’. It’s really difficult for us Geordies not to say ‘Eeeee’, so I always struggle with this one. (“Eee d’ya? Eee man so do aa. Eeeee thank god for that aaa thort it was just me!”)

Our ‘Ihhh’s were more like grunts of ‘ugghhh’s according to Gary, I bet we must have sounded like asthmatic donkeys.


So we battle with the ‘Ihh’s for a while and then progressed to sweeping ‘Eeee’ to ‘Ahhh’ s. I preferred this exercise, but it did remind me of very posh people singing along to a Beatles song in slow-motion.

[She loves you]…………….”Eeee ……Aahhh”, ……….”Eeeee ………….Aahhhh”, …………..”Eeeee …..Aahhh”.

Then on to singing for real. ‘Deep River’ is lovely and there are nice notes for us low Alto women to sing. Plus we get to keep the tune going, which is a nice change for us. We’re normally stuck on one note and that is always the most difficult one to find.

Another river song in ‘Down by the Riverside’. I’m starting to get the titles of these river songs all mixed up, so apologies if by next week I am writing about ‘Down by the Deep Riverside to Run and Pray’. We failed the were you paying attention to the warm-up test by singing ‘studeeeeeeeeeeeee war no more’. Oops! We yodelled a bit and then Gary picked us up on our diction (again). ‘War’ rhymes with ‘more’, but also with ‘raw’ at the moment which isn’t right.

We need to refine our ‘war’s too – is this an assault on the Geordie accent?

So to summarise: We need to make wor wars less raw. So that wor wars rhyme more with wor mores.

Just before the break we hailed poetry, in case we stopped believing. If you’re wondering why we are all going to be pirates in this one, its because we ‘Aarrr’ [groan].

Then Captain Andy shouted us onto the ‘Show Boat Medley’. I don’t know ‘Show Boat’ very well, so it’s good to sing something new and find out about each song. In ‘Make Believe’ the men seem to be dreaming and the women are game, so it seems pretty true to life 😉

I absolutely love singing ‘Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man’ as it has a bit of oomph and swing. Once I get to know the words and the notes, I’ll really be able to get into it. Does this song need a bit of girding of your loins as well, surely it must? Hooray!

Though it did get me thinking. If as the song implies I loved a Mister Man, which would it be? I think it would have to be Mr Tickle as he’d be a laugh, though there ain’t no reason why I should love that man.

O listen sister, I love my Mr. Man

Lastly was ‘Sail on Titanic’ which is very emotive and is going to be magnificent. Gary was putting drama into it already, even though it’s a first time sing for some. In at the deep end eh? It’s a fabulous number which will wow the audience, though probably best not to follow it with ‘Under the Sea’.

The end of another good rehearsal/sauna. I think I heard Gary saying “off the books” for ‘Down by the Riverside’ and ‘Hail Poetry’ – “Eeeeeee (I mean ihh) you can’t help lovin’ that man for trying”.

See you next week. Lorraine


2 Responses to “A singalong mixed sauna session”

  1. Sue Straker January 19, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    Good one – Laura asked when we watched the imaginary liner leave port ” is it not facing the wrong way?” Ha ha no…… Bryony looked it up and Titanic went to France first so we did watch it leave port to cross the channel first….. eee a bit of history! sorry ihhhh

  2. Val Pickering January 20, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Love your blog Lorraine – the heat was getting to everyone – we all should have been going ‘down by the riverside’ (to pray they would turn the heat down! Keep the blogs coming!!

    Sop 2

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