Bagpipes and Wor Billy

27 Jan

Hi everyone

Week 3 of rehearsals already and on Wednesday it was Burn’s night. We were serenaded into rehearsals by a bagpiper playing outside the Loch Fyne restaurant on Gosforth High Street. I didn’t get to see him myself, but I could hear him during the early part of rehearsals. In fact when I first heard his muffled playing I thought it was a mobile phone ringing. It took me a while to realise why nobody had (a) tutted, (b) gone ‘ooooooo’, (c) pointed and shouted “it’s him” or any other variation of the mature things we do when a phone interrupts rehearsals.

An och-aye phone

As it was Burns night Gary led us through a Scottish inspired warm-up and we ‘ahhed’ our way through ‘Highland Cathedral’ nicely. This is one that we’ll be doing next term, so it was good to get an early try at it. Here’s the link he mentioned as recommended viewing – Highland Cathedral, Dunblane. (I hope I’ve got the name right, as Higland Cathedral sounds like a cheese to me).

Physically it was a lot cooler this week, but emotionally things were hotting up when we all serenaded Bill(y). We love him because he’s wonderful, because he’s just wor Bill(y). In ‘Why Do I Love You’ Gary was thinking of ways this could be choreographed. Perhaps a cheeky wink from over 200 ladies might do the trick? Or how about a coordinated Cissie and Ada gurn along with an uplifting boob bra adjustment?

Cissie and Ada hope that Bill loves them

We yodelled our way through ‘Show Boat’ and also bits of ‘Shenandoah’. “Show Boat alay hee hoo I’m an alto two”. In ‘Make Believe’ the men seemed to sing part of The Liver Birds theme tune, though it could have been Citizen Smith as we got them muddled up.

‘Lady of the Sea’ is my new earworm. I love it.  I saw Mark shaking his head at Gary’s nautical joke that the accompanying ‘ah-bahs’ sound like harbour.  I’m not sure if it was the joke that led to the head shaking or perhaps Mark thought we were in the wrong quay? 🙂

We’d all done our homework for ‘Hail Poetry’. We can sing it now by heart or BH as Gary says. Perhaps that’s his new pirate name?

Captain Byheart

For me ‘Down by the Riverside’ couldn’t be classed as BH, it was definitely more FBTSOMP (flying by the seat of my pants). I will have to studeeeeeee wor bit some more, otherwise I’ll end up wearing a Dunce’s cap rather than a starry crown.

We’re moving on quickly this term and I think it’s good that we’re being pushed to do songs BH. After all it gives us more time to practice our clapping, gurning, winking, and choreographed boob-lifts (ladies only for this one though thanks).

We were very cosmopolitan this week – Scotland; Deep South USA; Switzerland; Liverpool; Missouri; Switzerland again; erm Pirate-land (“where be that then Lorraine you smart arrrrrrrrrr-s?”); Cornwall (Lady of the Sea was inspired by a Cornish shipwreck); erm again down, kind of by, a riverside; and possibly Tooting, South London. Power to the people!

As we always do by concert time we’ll be aiming to include the moon and the stars to that list, plus of course Gary’s nan who’ll be in her usual seat.

See you next week.


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