An undulating week

9 Feb

Hi everyone

Well big scary ‘The Sea Symphony’ week is upon us already.

I like the first bit ……….‘Behold’……. [pause to look at my music book] …..‘the SEA’………. [pause to look again] …………… ‘itself’ ……. [sea waves back]. Then after that I’m all at sea I’m afraid, bemoaning rather than beholding it for now. Buoy it’s difficult. I think the only way to survive this one is to be 3 music sheets to the wind, though perhaps it would be better to try to learn it first. So I’m going to plug my ipod in and brainwash myself,  just until I gain my Sea-lugs (that’s a sea-based earworm by the way) and until I’m less tongue-tide.

Oh how I’d love to sit in the audience at the concert, it’s going to be a fitting Blockbuster tribute.

"I'll have THE C ........... itself........ please Bob"

After the break was ‘The Sea part 2’, but there was no quelling of the sea in this sequel. What with ‘comings and goings’ and everybody ‘steaming in or out of part port’ all over the place, I could feel the ‘long penants of smoke’ coming out of my ears. At least there was a laugh about getting our ‘steamers’ out early 😉

"What a fabulous pair"

‘Down by the riverside’ for some reason seems to get more difficult every week. I’m guilty of skipping past it on the CD because I think I know it, and it’s really obvious that I don’t. I was pleased that I could remember the words, but without the correct harmony that’s pretty useless. The only way I could make it worse is to continue doing the ‘clap-bonk-taa—–daaa’ at the end even though it’s been taken out, watch this space for a pair of lone jazz hands appearing soon in an alto section near you.

It’s the first time I’ve sang ‘Let the River Run’ with the new bits in, and we had quite a lot of yodelling going on in our row. We were undulating (woohoo I managed to use that word) in parts where no undulation was intended. So another one for the ‘brainwash myself’ list.

This weekend is the soloist and ensemble workshop, which if anything like the one at Christmas will be good fun. Then after that a rehearsal for men and tenor ladies only, with a short concert to follow which I’m sure will be the full monty.

Only Men and Tenor Ladies Aloud?

The only way to get rid of that lovely image is to go and get your sea lugs, but first ………………. ‘BEHOLD………… my tea’

Steammmmmming ....

See you next week.

Lorraine x


2 Responses to “An undulating week”

  1. Lindsay Bellwood February 13, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    Brilliant Lorraine, clever funny and pretty much sums my feelings and weaknesses – I need to get on top of my brain training, Lindsay x

    • singingalto2 February 22, 2012 at 9:22 am #

      Thanks Lindsay. I carried on with the undulating and heaving with a case of ‘Sea Fever’. On the road to recovery (nearly) now I think x

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