Breathing and monkey ‘oo oo’

1 Mar

Hi everyone

Another blog post and another rehearsal already. What a pest. Doesn’t time fly when you’re at sea?

Who’d have thought that breathing could be so difficult. In preparation for the don’t take a breath test which is ‘Shenandoah’, we warmed up with some long ‘nahs’ building to a crescendo. I found this very difficult. At the point where I’m going blue and with no breath left, I can’t even contemplate getting louder as well. Gawd! I seemed to be programmed to want to breathe wherever Gary has said “don’t take a breath”, and another dynamic added in just takes my breath away to quote that song from ‘Top Gun’. Groan.

I can do the other exercise though, the take a breath and join back on the same note. However I can’t do it discreetly or without being in sync with my neighbour, which defeats the point of the exercise in the first place. So not only do I have to practice the words and alto 2 harmonies, I need to go right back to basics and practice breathing. What next? Well counting to 7 for a start, then clapping in time, oh and moving in time ala step touch step touch, also standing up in the right place, and what about turning around at the right point, oh and making sure I pull out a patch from my bosom and not a chicken fillet……..the list is endless. Take a deep breath …… relax, calm, forget about the iceberg.

I like Shenandoah more each week, and it would be even better if we could keep the sometimes muddled first line “Oh Shenando’ I long to shear you”. I do a similar thing in ‘Lady of the Sea’ with feel and sea, which unfortunately becomes “seal that mermaid’s dressed in tears”.

In ‘Why do I love you’ we shortened our vowels, became perky and casually ‘tossed off’ happy and lucky. Such fun!

Did you know six out of the original seven dwarfs are not happy? Well I thought I’d play along with Gary and make up the rest of the names for our Titanic Seven Dwarfs. I finally decided on – Breathy, Sexy, Perky, Lucky, Patchy, Dodgy and Growler.

Feeling happy

Our new dwarfs Breathy and Sexy moved onto ‘Bridge over troubled water’ with us, hung around for the sexy monkey ‘oo oos’ but left at ‘so hard’. I’d loved to comment at this but really can’t in writing, so please make up your own filthy joke now 😉

What a sexy monkey

Although we didn’t know it at the time another sexy Monkee, Davy Jones had sadly died, so our sexy, breathy ‘oo oos’ were also a tribute to him.

Gary commented on the progress we’ve made with ‘Bridge over troubled water’ and it did seem punchier and more energetic than the first time we sang it. It’s good to hear our progress and certainly gives us a boost of confidence. Not that we need it.

Not sure about the Downstairs Ladies and Gentlemen, but the Upstairs Ladies were melting in the steammmmm…..ming heat (hope my ming wasn’t too early then). Though on the bright side it means we will all be slimmed down by heat and dehydration by the time of the concert. It also gives Denise and I another chance to take an Inspiration badged product to Dragon’s Den.

An Inspiration / Saunders Sauna Suit

Next week has been declared as ‘off the book week’……………. sorry just got distracted by a pig flying past my window 🙂

So it’s lots of brainwashing, word learning and breathing from now on. The clock’s ticking, so best get started.

See you all next week, word perfect and smiling.

Or more likely just smiling, and in denial of the task ahead. x


One Response to “Breathing and monkey ‘oo oo’”

  1. Sue Straker March 2, 2012 at 2:24 am #

    Hey it was hot but fun on Wednesday. Let an acquaintance listen to Bridge over Troubled Water on my phone – from our first Album (ha ha sounds posh)! They were quite flabbered! They said ee the “band” sound good as well……

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