What’s the score?

8 Mar

Hi everyone

Last night was our first full run through off the books. Exciting, scary, confused are all words that could be used to describe the experience. We went from making Gary’s upper arm buzz (?) in the warm ups, to bleeping our way through parts of ‘The Sea Symphony’ and ‘Under the Sea’.

Some we know by heart (BH) ………

I'll be your bridge o'er troubled water

Some are more MMO (moving mouth only) ……………..

Behold the sea ...... itself

Gary scored each song in frustration with a red pen giving us marks on technicality and performance. I lost track of the scoring but it ranged from a 4 to a 4 and a bit to a 9 I think. In some places we were a bit karaoke, it was the Celine Dion impersonation that did it. In others we were definitely in peril on the sea, and suffered a collective mind burp with words and notes.

Feline Dion - my caterwauling will go on and on

I’d been good and made an effort to learn the words, but I still managed to stuff up ‘Down by the Riverside’ and ‘The Sea Symphony’. It’s not that I forgot the words exactly, it’s more that I didn’t remember them in time or sometimes even in the right song. So waking up at 2am and randomly remembering that it is travellin’ shoes first, and that clams jam, slugs cut rugs, and snails wail isn’t that much use really.

The words are just the tip of the iceberg, as last night I struggled with some of the choreography. My back was really sore and I managed to get stuck between the pew in one of our quick turns. This brought on much hilarity, as Trudy had to help winch me back around to face forwards. So you could say I hit a bit of a dodgy patch in ‘Hail Poetry’, if it happens in the concert I plan to take a blackout blanket which I can throw over my head. If no-one notices, then it’s worked 😉

Hail Poetry thou heav'n born maid

‘Under the sea’ is difficult and was a bit of a damp squid squib, but we managed to limpet limp through to the end without making pollocks or sprats of ourselves. It’ll be our friend soon, rather than anemone as is it is at the moment. [Groan] You will be pleased to hear I have now run out of fish puns.

There’s still a few more rehearsals left, so plenty of chances to listen again and again and again to the CD. Plus loads of time to mislearn more words, my absolute favourite so far comes from ‘blonde anon’ – “and with a cr*p her body failed” – I can hear her calling ….. me a name for telling everyone that 🙂

I left the rehearsal feeling Grumpy (well Happy normally gets all the attention) because my back was sore after the stuck between pews incident (the church kind of pew, not the Pepe Le Pew kind) and step touch dancing is difficult when you’re in pain.

But overall this week has been a useful exercise. Behold I know which songs I need to work on, and also the ones that I thought I knew well and do but not in public but need to remind myself on. At least I am now moving away from the river I was nearing last week – denial.

Happy word learning everyone.

See you next week, unless I have my invisibility blanket on of course. Xx


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