Gaz’ll Fix It Week

15 Mar

Hi everyone,

Based on the results of last week’s trial run through off the books, this rehearsal was ‘Gaz’ll Fix It’ week.

Now then now then guys and gals

“Four letters were only the start of it, four letters and now you’re a part of it, now you’ve sung it Gaz has fixed it, for you and you and you”.

Vis-a-vis the four letters they were part of our warm up to improve our consonants Vee, Zzzz, Ssss and K. It was quite bizarre to progress to singing VeeeZzzzaaa, but it did have added interest when we discovered it sounded like ‘visa’ and became a master card class in over pronunciation.

There seem to be a lot of special Ks in ‘Sail on Titanic’ and it was difficult to say ‘smoke from her funnels’ and ‘prow like a knife’ without spitting on your pals. Gary wanted us to say ‘smoke on the water’ at one point, which led to a bit of impromptu air guitar playing accompanied by Mark.

Deep (purple) River

We did lots of work on ‘Sail on Titanic’ to make it more descriptive and less sing-along-y (that’s a real musical term so I’m told). It made me think about the words more, and try to get the story across. So we’re aiming for the ‘woohoo we’re going on a big ship’ feeling, and portraying the excitement of going onboard whether you’re 1st class, 2nd class or steerage. To help with this visualisation I’m going to imagine that I’m Rose boarding on 1st class, and I look forward to finding the lovely Jack and kissing him below deck 😉 pun intended.

Woohoo big ship. Oh bugger it's the Titanic

Gaz’ll Fix It worked on that pesky bar 25 in ‘Deep River’ which has changed for the altos. I’m hoping that the fix won’t be temporary, and that I’ll still be able to sing it correctly against the CD. Only one way to find out I suppose. We worked on the low bits, now the high bits in ‘Let the River Run’ which I think we have all got. We’ve added our own choreography to this as well to signal the new high parts, and now all point to the ceiling in a ‘Saturday Night Fever’ kind of way. It’s a good system which seems to work, though we might need to revert to those secret signals eyebrows only that the whole audience can see the audience can’t see in the concert.

Then ‘Under the Sea’ which I hadn’t expected, as I thought Gary would dismiss the men first before we tried again. We surprised ourselves and not only got some of the words right, but also got some of the alto 2 line right, and all without floundering. You could say we were a lukewarm crustacean band and getting hotter, but not ‘you know what-a’ rhymes with better every week. We’ll be smoking hot and drenched by the concert. Gary asked if we can do a Caribbean accent for this song, but of course that’s quite easy for us Geordies as our accent is quite similar. So we’ll give it a go, though I hope people don’t think we sound Welsh.

Under the sea Geordie Caribbean Language School. Closed weekends for training porpoises.

Unfortunately I had to leave in the break as I’m full of cold. My limitless heaving breast was more restricted and wheezing, a bit like I’d been on 40 Benson & Hedges a day for years. But on the positive side the droplet from my nose added a nice watery effect to my music, snot nice really. So if you heard sniffs, nose blowing and dusky, husky coughs they were all from me and not one of the basses as you suspected.

Moving from the coral in ‘Under the Sea’ I hope you went all choral in ‘The Sea Symphony’ after the break. I really wanted to stay but not up to full undulating, and definitely more ‘streammmmmm-ming’ than ‘steammmmm-ming’. Oops there I go again being an early minger. I tried to practice it in my head on the bus on the way home, but it didn’t have the same effect. Probably the best effect would have been to sing it out loud on the bus ——- “Beeehhoooldddd [sniff] thhheee [cough] sea …… itself” ———— I reckon it would have been a guaranteed way to get a seat 🙂 and to get arrested.

Only a few more rehearsals left and then singing to Gary’s nan at the Sage. She’ll be marking us on words, diction, dancing, drama and much, much more.

Will she be impressed?

As we say in the Geordie Caribbean Language School “Yea man, turtle-ly”.

See you all next week xx


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