Last rehearsal before singing to Nan

22 Mar

Hi everyone

I can’t believe this was our last rehearsal at the church. This term has flown by at a rate of knots, and we are now sailing speedily towards the concert and singing to Gary’s Nan. Altogether now “we are sailing, we are sailing….”

We did a full run through BH, which usually stands for ‘by heart’, but in desperate times and so near to the concert could easily be:

  • by [back of ] hand
  • by [back of someone elses] head
  • by handbag

So don’t despair if you don’t know the words for ‘Under the Sea’ just resort to one of the alternative BHs 🙂

The full run through included soloists and some of the readings, so we got an idea of the power and emotion in the concert. It’s going to be a roller coaster of emotions as they say in the X Factor, so best take some hankies and wear waterproof mascara the ladies might want to do this too.

In ‘Show Boat’ the ladies girded their loins, assumed the stance, and got all sassy in ‘fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly’. Gary did a lovely dance to help us get in the mood, though bizarrely he reminded me of Jessica Rabbit.

Fish gotta swim and Gary's gotta dance

 He got carried away and started to do cakewalk style dancing and high kicks

Let’s hope he does this in the concert, though the audience might wonder what we are all laughing at.

I think the high jinks got to one of our tenors who seemed to jump up at the start of ‘Hail Poetry’. He was either trying to start a mexican wave, or perhaps he thought we were doing ‘YMCA’. Anway it seemed a good way to hail poetry from Gary’s description, so best keep that in for the concert as well please!!

‘Shenandoah’ was spine tingling and there was a bit of a lip wobble moment at the end. Do you think that will be the first sob of the concert?

Remember Xmas? Gary's first Nativity performance as a shepherd was very emotional

We sailed through all the numbers with no major mishaps. We clapped, side stepped, turned and gazed in horror in all the right places. We’re ready for the concert.

In the second half the music is very powerful and emotive, which will be notched up a gear with the Northern Sinfonia. How are we going to cope? We all sobbed at tea-lights at Christmas, so there’s really not much hope.

I’m looking forward to the rehearsal in the Sage next week and of course the big day on Saturday 31st. Marks & Spencers are on high alert for our bulk buying of crisps, chocs, crispy chocs, and chocolate crisps. If one person could bring an apple we can class that as our ‘healthy food’ item for the day.

To all Leeds Inspirationers good luck for your concert this weekend. I’ll be watching out for photos, videos and statements of praise and wows. Don’t forget to eat the compulsory intake of M&S food as I’ve heard it’s good for the voice.

I think I know most of the words; although now I’m making a few up and seemed alarmed when I’m the only one singing ‘he can come home at quarter to three’ or ‘seel that mermaid dressed in tears’. I feel compelled to sing ‘all ashore’ with the men in ‘Sail on Titanic’ as well. So many things to think about, and now we’ve had news that we can get blinged up and wear our posh frocks for the Christmas concert. Oh what a dilemma I better start shopping now.

Dress ideas for Christmas

See you at the Sage on Wednesday xx


One Response to “Last rehearsal before singing to Nan”

  1. Valerie Pickering March 22, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    Fab blog again Lorraine (oops that rhymes!)

    Val Pickering

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