A globally warmed last rehearsal

29 Mar

Hi everyone

Isn’t this weather gorgeous? In Newcastle we’ve been treated to more than an afternoon of sunshine, so it’s officially our summer. There have been reports of sunbathing at Tynemouth, drinking coffee al fresco in Newcastle, and the party crowd have even been spotted in the Toon’s hotspots drinking outside AND without wearing a coat (oh hang on they do that even when it’s minus 3 so scratch that last bit).

So we dawdled our way in the sunshine to the Sage Gateshead, skipping in and out of the shade, and what did we find when we got there? A big hulking iceberg that’s what. See how messed up our weather is! Not only that but Gary’s Nan is perched atop it, chillin’ out with her bros, and waiting to hear our last rehearsal.

Just chillin' Nan has popped out for some Custard Creams and an Arctic Roll

We started with our favourite game of Inspiration musical statues, though it’s before the music starts that you have to stand still in our version. Gary put us all at ease by shouting – “YOU…. swished your hair in the basses“, and “YOU……..fluttered your long eyelashes in the tenors” and “YOU………stop smoking that cigar in the altos” – a bit of poetic licence there sorry 🙂

We also had a life lesson and on site demonstration on how to deal with a wedgie, unpick a G-string, maintain stage discipline during the concert. Just remember to stand still, except in the bits where you don’t and then it’s ok to move.

Though tempting don't at any point stand like this

We sang our hearts out to Gary’s Nan, who only missed the warm ups good job seeing as she was perched on the iceberg after nipping out to the shops. We did her proud and she was very pleased with our diction, tone and general musicality. Though secretly she was a bit disappointed there were no impromptu mexican waves or “Y-M-C-A” moves.

Again Gary did a bit of dirty dancing in ‘Fish gotta swim’. Although according to his Nan it was more dirty than it was dancing; he’ll probably get told off later for showing off 😉

Gary the Pelvis has gotta dance

I’ve been worrying about how to discreetly and quickly don an eye patch in the dark, facing the wrong way and whilst wearing glasses and with 1,600 people watching. Will the elastic snap? Will I break my glasses? Will it ping into the audience? Will I look daft? These are only some of my silly little worries. So as a dress rehearsal for the dress rehearsal, I decided to wear my contact lenses to see if this would make the task any easier.

Anyway to cut a long and boring story short I forgot to bring my eye patch to the rehearsal – Doh! So I’m still none the wiser. I must remember to pack it for Saturday, in fact I might stick a pencil in my eye on Friday as a reminder.

Gary had great fun playing with his invisible orchestra during the rehearsal, and he also got to practice some air kissing (much hilarity followed this).

We all agreed it had been a very good rehearsal, although the pressure is on as every word matters. We were told it is noticeable even if one of us gets a word wrong, so we had best quickly exorcise all our wrong’uns – the ‘seels’, ‘shears’ and off course muddling up of fish names in our hot crustacean band.

“Pray the drums are loud ’til your words are found. Fortune’s winds sing God speed to thee ……….”


Look forward to singing with you all in another fabulous concert.

See you Saturday.

Lorraine x


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