Chocs away

13 Apr

Hi everyone

Tonight I’ve found myself humming ‘My Heart Will Go On’ whilst wearing a pirate’s eye patch, and it struck me that something has been missing in my life for these last few weeks. I’ve lost my Inspiration, haven’t written the blog for a while, and miss brainwashing myself through endless plays of one CD track.

I miss choir!

It’s quite nice though not to wake up in the middle of the night to an earworm of clams jamming and snails wailing in my head, and also not to have to worry about Bill coming home at quarter to three. But still I do miss singing.

So I thought I’d say a quick hi and check to see how your cold turkey withdrawal from choir is going.

Though it’s a bit weird writing this when choir isn’t on.

There’s no funky dancing ………….

No welling up of emotion when the violin starts in ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ ………………

Not solo strings - waahhhh

And “Dear Mother of God” definitely no icebergs …………

"Nice Blerg" - review from singer in Ashington

So what’s been happening since the concert? Nowt much really.

Our Seth Lakeman tickets have at last been confirmed and we are definitely booked. Woohoo! I’m looking forward to it, but even more so since I spotted his photograph and realised he’s rather sexy. Do you think it would be a bit OTT to wear a ‘marry me Seth’ T-shirt to the concert?

I spent all of the Easter weekend trying not to eat, think about, look at, or even be in the same room as chocolate.

To help me avoid chocolate I kept up my mantra of ‘chocolate is evil, chocolate is evil’ and it worked to a point.

By an amazing feat of willpower I managed to hold out to Bank Holiday Monday, but my resolve slipped and I accidentally ate two of those Cadbury’s Caramel Eggs one straight after the other without taking a breath, or barely having time to take the wrapping paper off. They disappeared so quickly I didn’t have time to track them in my Weight Watchers book, which is just as well really because I’d already eaten all of my points for that day 😉

As a distraction I’ve watched loads of documentaries about the Titanic and have also been following the Julian Fellowes Drownton Abbey, Upstairs Drownstairs Titanic series which is onto the third or fourth sinking. I reckon I could have Titanic as a specialist subject on Mastermind now, though would probably fare better on the history of Cadburys.

The documentaries have helped put our fabulous Titanic concert into context. One of the things I’ll forever associate with Titanic is the concert photo which Gary posted of the empty seats in the Sage – “one for each life lost”. I don’t mind having this poignant image stay with me, it’s the less poignant one of John ‘the blindman’s bluff’ in the bass section wearing two eye patches that I’m still trying to shake off 🙂

Oh no. As I’m writing this I have accidentally opened an Easter Egg, which was unfortunately cracked exactly in half and therefore had to be eaten before it went off. I hate doing things be half, so feel it won’t be long before I go back to finish it.

As my mantra is obviously broken, instead I will imagine this label is on all chocolate. After all I need to get a grip on these cravings, or I’ll never fit into my ‘big fat gypsy wedding’ style dress for the Christmas concert.

Hope you had a good Easter and are enjoying the ‘choir hols’. Look forward to seeing you all soon and finding out more about the next concert.

Lorraine x


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