A quick catch up

21 Apr

Hi everyone

I’m a big fan of long-running American TV dramas such as Lost, 24, and The Wire. In particular I like the between Seasons hype, and the catch up flashbacks at the start of each new Season.

This is my Inspiration based ‘Season’ catch up.

Previously in Inspiration, Sail on Titanic :

  • Titanic rehearsals start early January 2012 with a swell of massed voices in harmony, waves to friends, and early talk of an impromptu Mexican Wave. We all know each other well, so no icebreaker required
  • Weird warm-ups continue
Vvvvvv….. or two tenors tickle their topsets
  • Week One. Butt-Hole Man makes an appearance, he’ll tote that barge, lift that bale, get a little drunk and land in jail
  • The kidnap a man introduce a man to Inspiration scheme shows instant results. The men impress with their strong voices and sound good, the women also try to impress by wearing more lippy 🙂
  • Sauna-like conditions from the onset in rehearsals lead to the later invention of the ‘Saunders Sauna Suit’. Weight-loss and style all in one garment
  • ‘The Sea’-sickness hits in week four. Problems with early mingers and even worse some who don’t know when they are minging

Behold the sea ...... itself

  • Six out of the original Seven Dwarves are not Happy. The game to rename Dwarves begins – Breathy, Sexy and Perky are suggested. Other suggestions have to be censored
  • In February there is a report of a surge in demand for pirate eye patches in both the Leeds and Newcastle areas. In March, the week before both concerts coincidentally, there is a report of panic buying of replacement pirate eye patches in both the Leeds and Newcastle areas. ‘Johnny two-patch’ strikes out (blindly?) in the concert
  • Never mind naming Dwarves. Much hilarity ensures with the pun-tastic ‘Under the Sea’ and of course dirty dancing in ‘Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man’
  • Everyone secretly wants to do the Celine Dion and Leonardo Di Caprio pose in the concert. Luckily no one acts out this urge on the big day

Fleaonardo di Catnipo & Kit Whisklet

  • There is social mobility in Newcastle’s Titanic as upstairs and downstairs ladies switch seating. It’s like the ‘Downton Abbey Christmas Special’ when Thomas the scheming footman (him off Corrie) dances with the Dowager Countess (her that was Miss Jean Brodie ages ago and is that teacher who morphs into the cat in Harry Potter), but our upstairs downstairs twist lasts longer
  • The first week in March is declared off the book week. The second week in March is declared now learn the words properly week. Mislearning of words and earworms are shared and positively encouraged on Facebook
  • Iceberg faces and turning around quickly are practised with vigour

Better but still not right ..........

  • There is a weird case of global warming in the run-up to the concerts. People sunbathe in Leeds and Newcastle, but in each concert venue there is a great big iceberg – “Mother of God!”
  • Iceberg faces frozen and eye patch elastic well-stretched we are ready for the concert. Two excellent performances to our home audiences, with rapturous applause and welling up of emotion. Not a dry eye in the house, and more than a few damp patches

  • Gary’s Nan sits on top of the iceberg. We sing to her especially and she really enjoys it. Her feedback is “very emotional concert. Diction excellent. Eee what’s our Gary like? Would you like a custard cream and a nice cuppa?”
  • Gary takes a well-earned break to India. Early in the trip his Facebook update says “a monkey stole my macaroon”. Says a lot about me that my first thought is “what’s a macaroon?” and not “wow a monkey!”
  • Talk of ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ style dresses for the Christmas concert. It’ll be a bling-along-a-sing-along-a

Dress ideas for Christmas

  • Facebook is all a twitter with Inspirationers who miss singing and are ready to start rehearsals again. Early reports of people camped out in the cafe at Trinity Church, high on caffeine and carrot cake, twanging their eye patch elastic and singing bawdy songs about fish
  • We’re all caught up on Inspiration’s Titanic Season and are now ready and waiting for the next Season. Who knows what it will bring? Without a doubt it will be fun and hard work, but remember you’ll be amongst friends so wear your Saunders Sauna Suit with pride 🙂

See you all soon. Lorraine x


2 Responses to “A quick catch up”

  1. Julia Mander April 21, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

    So funny Lorraine and lots of good memories revisited. Love the pics!!

    • singingalto2 April 22, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

      Glad you like it. I’d forgotten about the Dwarves. Look forward to next term!

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