Norse mythology and loo roll

17 May

Hi everyone

Week 3 already and we started with one of our favourite warm-ups, the old Vvvvvv, Zzzzzzz, Fffffftttttt exercises.

Now I’ve just cottoned on to the fact that Gary uses these warm-ups in preparation for numbers we are going practice in the rehearsal. Obvious I know, but not to me. These Vvvvvvv, Zzzzz and especially Fffffffttttts, were used to help us ‘hockle’ on our neighbours when singing a Welsh sounding ‘leck’ in ‘Men of Harlech’. For those who aren’t fluent in Geordie, and also if that monkey in India stole Gary’s iPhone as well as his macaroons, then ‘hockle’ means ‘to delicately spit’ or perhaps more accurately ‘to gob’. Look out for more Larn Yersel’ Geordie as the term progresses.

Then we sang a nice happy number to lift our spirits to Valhalla in ‘The Crown and The Ring’. It did seem a bit depressing at first, and we guessed it was never going to be part of a mash-up with ‘Happy Talk’ or ‘ O What a Beautiful Morning’. But Mark explained the Norse mythology in the song, and now we are dying to sing it so that we get to see Odin.

Interesting stuff the things we learn in choir – how to spit on your friends, Norse mythology, the fact that Norse warriors weren’t horn-y, and the different grades of toilet paper. Never a dull moment.

Hagar the Horrible with horns. Honestly they were so last year.

Speaking of toilet paper Gary was on a roll with this one. It started with the building up of harmonies, the ‘inverted pyramid’ as Gary sometimes calls it, in ‘Wherever You Are’ at the beginning and end of the song.

Not that type of pyramid. Concentrate.

The basses, tenors and altos were supposed to be the lovely velvet under the sopranos’ ‘ah’s.

The basses were first and they had a lovely low ‘cease’ to sing on one note only. Gary described it not so much as velvet, but more like Izal – the rough side at that. Remember Izal? The horrible loo roll they used at school in lieu of real loo roll. You could also use it in Maths for tracing graphs and in cookery to line cake tins. It was great so long as your finger didn’t go through 😉

Anyway getting back to this loo roll story. The tenors were next to build up the harmonies with ‘never cease’, three notes now so a bit more complicated. Their loveliness was described by Gary as the slippy side of Izal. Hilarious.

Basses rough, tenors slippy

I don’t think there was a toilet roll based description for the alto harmonies (unless it was too sheet?), so I will say it was like Netto’s budget range loo roll. Finally the sopranos yodelled and twiddled sometimes in the right places, and their ‘ah’s fitted nicely on top of the toilet roll singing. Result – in fact with our earlier singing success in ‘The Crown and The Ring’ you could say we had a Royal Flush.

Hopefully when we get to know ‘Wherever You Are’ better, we won’t need the (3-ply) sheet music, and it’ll be all Andrex puppies and velvety soft, soft, soft.

Sing it right or the puppy gets Izal

Unfortunately I won’t be at rehearsals for a while as I’m having another operation for my back on Friday. If I can manage it I might come to listen for a few weeks, so that I don’t miss too much (and so I can keep blogging). Of course I’m also interested to hear the triple velvet quilted loo roll qualities you are soon to achieve in ‘Wherever You Are’, though I hope I don’t get rusty and slip into Izal 😉

I’ll keep practising at home and hope to be word perfect and with less pain on my return. Although my home rehearsals definitely won’t be as much fun without you lot. It’s a shame a live via satellite link can’t be hooked up, but I suppose I haven’t given much notice.

Oh no I’ve slipped into Izal

See you soon and keep enjoying the rehearsals.

Fingers crossed I’ll only miss a few weeks. Lorraine x


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