Home alone

23 May

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the get well messages. I’m still very sore after the operation but ok.

It’s Wednesday and I should be singing with all of you. Instead I’m listening to the rehearsal CD, falling asleep and taking medication. I’m singing along in my head as it hurts to sing, but at least my neighbour will be pleased.

It’s a bit lonely singing in your head on your own, so I’ve tried to coax the cat into joining me in a song. She looks at me like I’m sad and stupid, how rude.

Cats are so aloof and stubborn, and my cat has serious c-attitude. She won’t entertain the idea, not even O For-tuna. However I got my own way in the end, when I accidentally stood on her tail and she reached a top C 🙂

I think Miranda has the right idea and there’s no need to sing on my own, even it is in my head. So I’m off to be creative in the kitchen, by making items of fruit into ‘fruit friends’ and then I’ll form my own choir. No auditions any piece of fruit can join, but not a pineapple because that would be silly.

These painkillers are driving me bananas

Feel a bit woozy now so off to lie down.

Hopefully see you soon.

Lorraine x


One Response to “Home alone”

  1. Valerie Pickering May 23, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

    Get well soon Lorraine – we all miss you! Val Pickering xxxx

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