I’m sure this used to be funny?

31 May

Hi everyone

Just a quick hello. I hope you all enjoyed this week’s rehearsal, and are at that stage of being plagued by earworms and unfortunate mislearning of words. Unfortunately I had to miss the rehearsal, but I did attend another home alone singing session last night. Frankly it wasn’t much cop and the alto line was rubbish from the onset, but on the plus side the toilet queue was shorter and I was able to watch The Apprentice.

So as not to fall too far behind I’ve been trying to keep up with my word learning. I set myself a target to learn three a day, songs that is not words, but I’m cheating already. Does learning the words to ‘Hymn to the Fallen’ count? – ooh ooh ooh ooh aaaahhhhh don’t think so. Plus to be really swotty I need to learn the alto part as well. If I just stick with words I’ll look like a right numpty in the Sage shouting them out like a badly prepared speech. So words and alto part it is then 😉

I’ve just found out that next week’s Newcastle rehearsal is a shorter one for the ladies (upstairs and downstairs, but not the tenor variety), so I hope to be able to come along and listen. I may be able to ooh and aaah as well, but that will more likely be at the cakes in the coffee shop, rather than in the right place in a song.

So hopefully this blog, which has had it’s funny moments, will be back to its old self within the next few weeks. In the meantime I have quickly played around with a new toy which generates “word clouds” from any given text. So here are two “word clouds” (well one is a “word duck” in honour of Maureen Duck) based on this blog.

Double click on the images to enlarge them. [With a single click and back arrow to get back to the blog].

An Inspirational word cloud

A few things in the above “word cloud” made me laugh. Luckily the words ‘concert’, ‘singing’, and ‘Gary’ are prominent, but ‘Izal’, ‘Seth’ and ‘Nan’ seemed to have slipped in there too. Did you notice that ‘loo’ is bigger than ‘diction’ – sorry Gary I know diction matters, but so do wee 🙂

‘Diaphragm’ is tiny and in fact ‘Deidre’ and ‘Celine’ get a bigger showing. I love the fact that ‘minger’ and ‘diva’ are in there too.

Finally to honour Maureen Duck from Leeds Inspiration, here is my “word duck”. There’s less words in this one so it may be easier to read, though ‘eye’, ‘patch’, ‘ming’ and ‘iceberg’ are still in there.

Honestly you’d never guess these are based on a blog about singing in a choir, more like the random thoughts of a madwoman I’m telepathic so read your mind then by the way.

An Inspirational “word duck”

Look forward to joining the rehearsals and real life again at some point.

Lorraine x


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