Sing SING don’t hula

7 Jun

Hi everyone

Well as it was a short rehearsal, and as I got a lift I managed to get to choir. Hooray!

I was a bit worried because I knew Gary had a Diamond Jubilee inspired idea, and frankly I wasn’t sure I’d be up to it. When I saw it performed in the Jubilee concert I knew Gary would want to include it in ours. After all it has all the essential elements:

  • Inspiration colours of red and black (including a red Bird of Paradise style hat, which even Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie would blush at with embarrassment)
  • A lovely red and black corset to show off Diva diaphragm-singing. Definitely not a Deidre neck-muscle-singer
  • A skill of being a slave to the rhythm, which would be handy in warm ups

Grace Jones demonstrates next week’s warm up

I was more than a little relieved to find I’d got the wrong end of the hoop stick and our addition is not based on Grace Jones’s hula hoop whilst singing trick.

Wasn’t she fabulous though?

I’ve looked it up on t’internet, she sang and hula’d for the whole 4 minutes of  ‘Slave to the Rhythm’. To top it all she’s 64, which is unbelievable. I bet Paul McCartney wished he’d thought to include that in his ‘When I’m 64’ lyrics.  I don’t think I could even manage 4 seconds of the hula hoop, though could definitely eat Hula Hoops for a whole 4 minutes – easy peasy.

Excitingly the addition to our concert is getting permission to perform ‘SING’, Gary Barlow’s Jubilee anthem, with full orchestration – WOW!

Gary (Griffiths not Barlow) did a bit of name dropping to explain how this came about, he got in touch with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gary Barlow, the Queen. There was also a mention of Jesus Christ Superstar, but I don’t have full details of how he got in touch with him.

Woohoo we are going to sing ‘SING’, in fact we sang ‘SING’ for our warm up and after the concert is finished we’ll be able to say we’ve sung ‘SING’. It’s such a shame there’s no chance to ming when we sing ‘SING’, but you can’t have everything.

So we sang it louder, sang it clearer (except in the bits when it went into the alto part); then we sang it even louder, sang it clearly wrong but that’s not quite as catchy. Our “to wait to wait to wait” attempt was hilarious, a bit like a group of Geordie owls. When we get it right it’ll be a good one to show off our diction – (I have absolutely no idea if this is true, but wanted to mention diction so that it gets a bigger presence in any future word clouds/ducks).

Singing ‘SING’ will melt the hearts of our audience. Gary’s Nan is going to flipping love it and it’ll melt her heart too and perhaps even her iceberg if she’s still sitting on it in the Sage.

Sing it louder, sing it clearer

To show our flexibility as a choir we hula hooped we had a change of mood from sing ‘SING’ to sing ‘The Ring’. Aren’t we clever? Take that and party to Valhalla, but if you get there before me please relight my fire. I could hear the work done on this since I’d last been at rehearsals. This is one of those concert numbers where it would be good to be in the choir singing and also in the audience to hear it for real, if only we could do that. Is Asgaard’s Halls the place we are staying at in Edinburgh?

Then we ended with a whirlwind tour of the UK – ‘Men of Harlech’ (Wales), ‘Scotland the Brave’ (Scotland obvious that sorry), ‘Danny Boy’ (Ireland), and ‘Jerusalem’ (England). I had a slight mishap in Wales by singing ‘men of garlic on to hory’, which sounds like a dodgy rugby song. There was a flurry of excitement in Scotland when Sue Dove and Anne Wemyss did the Highland Fling, maybe we could include this in the concert? – throw in a hula hoop and it would be very topical.

All of that happened in our short rehearsal, before the break, so no wonder I was tired. I’d found it quite difficult as I couldn’t join in the dancing, which I find very frustrating. I also couldn’t get comfortable, and had been up and down like a bride’s nightie all night 😉 But at least I managed to show up.

Lots of people decided to celebrate an early finish by going to the pub. I didn’t feel up to it as I’d had too much excitement for one day, so retired home to bed. Although I’d not been able to fully participate, I’m glad to be back singing with my friends.

For Margy who didn’t know a thing about ‘SING’ here is the full video.

See you next week.

Who knows I might be able to stay for the whole rehearsal.

 Lorraine x


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