Wooly altos, Westlife, and a wee bit Scottish Dancing

14 Jun

Hi everyone

Well it was a big rehearsal and our first full run through in order. I was able to stay for the whole rehearsal, which I haven’t been able to do for ages, and managed it by playing my stand/sit/stand/sit trick throughout. Apologies if I disturbed anyone around me by bobbing up and down like an alto-singing Jack in the Box. I promise not to do this in the concert – the bobbing bit that is, I’ll keep the alto-singing in.

This concert is definitely a big sing and it will take lots of energy to get through. So not surprising this morning I feel like I have run a marathon, been put through the wringer, or even like I’ve desperately jostled to get to the front of a Westlife concert 😉

We’ll need to include fitness training as part of our concert preparation, so perhaps hula hooping isn’t such a bad idea. I’ve already started bulking up and have increased my calorie intake – cakes, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, more cakes – I just need to get the exercise bit underway at some point. Although as I have forgotten to go to the gym for the last 43 years on the trot, the outlook is not looking good.

The sound we made in the warm ups gave us goosebumps, with Gary challenging the men to make the hairs on his arm stand up. They rose to the challenge – the men, not the hairs.

Warm ups had me all a-tingle

Then we rattled through the numbers. Speaking of which the numbering system in my file is now so complicated it will take an enigma codebreaker to crack it, all because I am too lazy to write page numbers and do a proper index. So when you were all on concert song number 5 in the running order, I was on section 7, part 2, number 5a.i or something. It made sense once, just not any more.

We sang SING and it was going really well for the first seven bars until the altos came in and made it wooly. Nice eh? I think we were still stuck with the sheep in England’s green and pleasant land. If this murder at the hands of wooly altos continues it could be made into a film, a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ perhaps?

A Geordie version of ”The Silence of the Lambs’ would it be called ‘Shut up Ewes’?

In ‘Scotland the Brave’ there seems to be a group decision that we’ll Scottish dance, the room perks up at its first notes and we all assume the sword dancing pose. Gary confessed to having scottish dancing experience from his time in ‘Brigadoon’ (the musical, though it does sound a bit like a pub in Byker). Perhaps if we all did the Higland Fling it would detract from the need to learn all the words. I’m finding them really difficult, but mainly because I’ve known my own version and can’t get that out of my head.

My version of ‘Scotland the Brave’ goes like this –

“der, der, der, der, der, der, der

der, der, der der, der, der, der

der, der, der, der, der, der, der

der, der, der, derrrrrrr”

Let’s dance and fling the words to one side

We all enjoyed the Westlife moment in ‘Amazing Grace’, by which I mean the key change rather than we all started waving lit gas lighters and phones in the air. Gary was especially excited as he is going to see Westlife this week, and it’ll be his first ever pop concert. Mark shook his head in shame. I think it was shame, but he could be disappointed to miss out and perhaps wishes he too could be flying without wings.

Gary tests the lighter he plans to take to the Westlife concert

It was good to have a full run through and I’ve made a note of the numbers I need to work on. This includes trying to sing ‘Hymn to the Fallen’ without doing a Tarzan yodel in bar 70, getting the ‘me cum omnes plangite’ right instead of the usual wobbly gite in ‘O Fortuna’, and trying to work out where I am in ‘Wherever You Are’.

BH week in two weeks time. Yikes! Although BH could be either ‘By Heart’ or ‘Bring Hulahoop’ whichever you find easiest.

Happy word learning and see you next week.

Lorraine x


2 Responses to “Wooly altos, Westlife, and a wee bit Scottish Dancing”

  1. Cynthia Hall June 14, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    Absolutely brillian Lorraine as always, xx

  2. Valerie Pickering June 15, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Just as always Lorraine – brilliant, funny and entertaining…. Val P

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