Gaz’ll fix those little itty bitty annoying bits

21 Jun

Hi everyone,

Well last night was a working rehearsal to fix the little itty bits that we are faltering on.

The aim was to go from  to

without going via and definitely going nowhere near

We moved from broad brush singing to fine tooth combing to ensure that in ‘Up Where We Belong’ the clear winds really do blow in bar 26, and not bomb in the repeat bar 29. The sopranos were made to alternate between these bars with Gary shouting “one, now two, now one again, two, two, one”.  I sat in a daydream thinking ‘I couldn’t do that’. But how wrong I was, because when it came for us all to sing I launched straight into the soprano line.

The same happened with ‘See the Conquering Hero Comes’ when after the soprano note-bashing I couldn’t think of the alto line at all, never mind the blinking words.

What’s the alto part? What are the words? Where did I park the car? Did I bring the car? Help, where am I?

I like Gaz’ll Fixit Week. I like the fact that mistakes are fixed, only for new mistakes to appear straight away in songs that I think I know really well. That’s why can’t I do the start or end of ‘O Fortuna’. That nobody ‘looks like my friend’ when I go off into my own harmony in ‘From a Distance’, and why my version of ‘You Raise Me Up’ should be renamed ‘You Raise Me Up or Down I can’t remember which bit this is’.

Now then, now then a Jimmy Saville yodel cropped up in ‘See the Conquering Hero Comes’, and as it happens I think it should be kept in. Gary got us all thinking what God-like youth would look like Westlife? Jimmy Saville? and some crawler me shouted “you Gary” which raised guffaws of laughter a slight titter.

Dear Jim. Please fixit for a God like youth to advance, breathe flutes and lead the dance.

We played around with Odin in ‘The Crown and The Ring’ and at one point we weren’t very viking-y. Gary asked ‘where’s the funkin’ silence?’ which I thought was a bit rude, but I’d misheard and it was instead ‘the funk is in the silence’. So rather than sing through we should embrace silence, have a bit of a rest. This is very difficult for me as I’m a gobshite chatterbox. I’m frightened of silence, so I’ll have to remember this in my singing as well as in my conversation oh and in my blog writing, and on Facebook, shut up remember the funkin’ silence for funks sake.

Lastly before the break was ‘O Fortuna’, which we sang without the books and with hands on head

I opted out of the hands on head bit and instead sat at the side to listen. It’s nice sometimes to hear the whole thing rather than just the alto line, and it sounded good. Although everybody looked slightly scared by the lack of books and very uncomfortable at singing with hands on head for the whole song. It was another diaphragm singing exercise, but I reckon we’re only one step away from the hula hoops being brought in.

I left in the break so not sure which itty bits were fixed in the second half, but rest assured they’ll be the ones I need to work on most. Next week is a full run through by heart, without the books or any other sneak method of viewing the words. Eek!

By heart week is going to be a challenge and a half. Perhaps there will be more silence to funk in than expected 😉

Happy word learning. See you next week.

Lorraine x


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