I believe I might fry

5 Jul

Hi everyone

The last rehearsal before singing to Nan in the Sage and things were literally hotting up.

Eeee man it’s too hot in here.

Just to keep us on our toes we did the second half in the first half, with a break for fresh air, and then straight back into the second half to sing the first half. Confused you will be? I was expecting to start with ‘O Fortuna’, so I was taken by surprise and couldn’t even think of the first song, never mind the first word or first note. So that’s why I sang a cobbled together sopralto 3 version of ‘Here’s to the Heroes’.

I felt a little more confident with ‘Hymn to the Fallen’, but still did a yodel/wobble in the bit before the ‘ahhs’. As Gary said “at least you all know the words to this one”. There isn’t an easy way to learn this, other than by repetition and brainwashing. I tried drawing a line of when we go up or down, but frankly that was rubbish and didn’t help one bit.

Hymn to the Fallen 😉

Because at this point I was par-boiled my memory is a little foggy. One tip which I would like to pass on is don’t even for a joke sing “Glory Glory Man United” (or whichever team) just before we practise ‘Battle Hymn’, because it will come back to haunt you. Why do joke words stick, but real ones are Teflon and won’t stick no matter what?

I’m still having problems with ‘You Raise Me Up’ as I can’t get the pattern of it in my head. Back to repetition and brainwashing for this one as well.

You Raise Me Up?

To end the sauna sing song, we sang SING …….twice. Once with and once without words books. It’s an upbeat song to finish on after some of the more poignant numbers.

Sing it what? Prouder and nearer? Wronger and together?

Then a breathing break, re-fasten your towel and back into the steamy sauna to sing the first half. We had a false start with O Fortuna, it was more OMG Outa Tune-a. I noticed there were some Slimmers World ladies passing by the open door, and they looked a bit scared by our menacing Old Spice singing. Hooray we are getting there with scaring an audience. So we’ve cracked Slimmers World and next it’s the Sage. It’s so nice to have a goal.

I still have a clear wind problem in ‘Up Where We Belong’ so that’s another one to add to my brainwashing list.

We steamed nicely through the rest of the numbers. ‘Scotland the Brave’ is getting better, braver and the sword dancing is coming on great. Wish I hadn’t thought of ‘Men of Garlic’ because that has now stuck, a good brillo pad is needed to scrub that one out.

Next week we are singing to Gary’s Nan in her usual seat in the Sage, she is really looking forward to it.

Keep practising your words dearies. Would you like a nice cuppa? I think I’ve got some Custard Creams in my handbag

See you all next week.

Happy word learning.

Lorraine x

Der der der der…..oops …High in the misty Highlands, Out by the purple islands


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