Singing to Nan on Level 4. Is that where she belongs?

12 Jul

Hi everyone

Wow this term has flown by and already it’s time to sing to Gary’s Nan at the Sage. “She’s still on Level 4” said Gary, which is a bit of a worry because there are only 3 levels in the Sage. For a second I thought he was announcing that Nan had taken up Scientology and is Tom Cruise’s latest squeeze. But no, luckily for us she’s still on Level 3 and very much looking forward to hearing us sing louder and clearer yes even in Scotland the Brave.

Nan getting ready for our concert. Rumours about Tom Cruise are unfounded, she’s still on Level 3

Then stage discipline was explained with the usual game of ‘Inspiration Musical Statues’  – “you flicked your hair” and “you picked your nose” and “you unplug your ipod, if you don’t know O Fortuna by now you never will” and “for the last time can all of the altos please put down their copies of Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Next the old hands, knees and boomps a daisy sitting with hands on knees talk – altogether now “YOUR OWN KNEES”. Followed by a charming image of your face dripping with sweat, make up, tears, snot, and any other kind of gloop you can think of and not being able to wipe it off during the concert.

A creative solution to a sweaty singalong

Lastly a life lesson on how to discreetly deal with a wedgie or air on a G string, unfortunately you just have to put up with it until the break. No wriggling around to sort it out 😉

One monkey is nearly right, the other fails miserably. Both deal with wedgies by not wearing any knickers 🙂

After some humming warm ups and trying to hear if our echo is correct, we move straight into the concert (first half first). It’s a bit weird having Alto 1s and the men directly behind us. There are a few times I think “oh we are singing differently” and then I remember that is the whole point of singing in harmony. I confess though that sometimes I am singing more differently than planned.

Wind-eze has cleared our clear wind problem of the last few weeks in ‘Up Where We Belong’. I’m able to remember ‘bow string’ in ‘The Crown and The Ring’ only to forget the ‘Odin I await thee’ bit, and this seems to be an ongoing theme – correct one thing to then slip up on another, that’s going to keep me on my toes. Speaking of which we are all on our toes for a very long time in this concert and I’m struggling a bit with standing, never mind singing. So no high heels, I’ll save them for Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-style christmas.

Nobody said I couldn’t soak my feet

We cocked up failed to interpret Gary’s hanging baton signal for ‘Men of Harlech’ and it was very nearly ‘Men and Women of Harlech’. There was toned down Scottish dancing in ‘Scotland the Brave’, but perhaps we are saving ourselves for the big day (or maybe there isn’t enough room). I find the only way to get through the words in ‘Scotland’ is to nod my head in time to the music, forcing each word out, and looking around other people were doing this too. Highland flinging and headbanging all in one, what a treat for the audience.

There was a short tinkle and ukelele break, and then we were into the second half. I love singing ‘Dare to Dream’ and ‘I believe I Can Fly’ but see that conquering hero, well I haven’t conquered him yet. Grace is amazing and I enjoy the showy-off Alto part at the start.

By the time we get to ‘Wherever You Are’ and ‘You Raise Me Up’ we’ll definitely be snotty, sobbing, with make-up running down our faces and not able to move for fear of alerting the audience to our gloopiness. So please ask your friends and family in the audience to throw hankies and sponges at us, in the hope they might stick and squeegee off the accumulated gloop.

‘SING’ is an excellent song, but I’ll have to relook at the words as they aren’t sticking in my head. I’ll also have to practice dancing to it in the mirror, as it worries me that I’ll either look like a scared rabbit or I’ll look like a tit go over the top.

Sing it louder, oh my god, sing it clearer, I can’t dance. Knowing everyone, oh they’re throwing stuff at us, will hear you.  It’s only hankies. I can’t dance.

We have to celebrate, but not this much 😉

It was a very enjoyable last rehearsal and once I make all the little tweaks (like words, the alto line, dancing, what shoes to wear, do I stand or sit etc) then I’ll be able to concentrate on the big things (like what sandwiches to make, should I take crisps, will anyone have made a cake?)

Look forward to singing with you all on Saturday.

Break a leg, but not in the Highland/headbang Fling.

Good luck and best wishes to Leeds Inspiration for your concert on Sunday.

Lorraine x


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