Concert day already!

15 Jul

Hi everyone

Hooray and well done Newcastle Inspiration we did it……………..again! What a fabulous concert.

Leeds Inspiration will now be in the bar getting ready for their concert and I’m sure thoroughly enjoying their day too. Poor Gary will have to be a super-hero to have the energy to fly through both concerts, but we all know he can do it. He’ll be all cried out by the end of tonight 😉

We all arrived early at the Sage and immediately opened our packed lunches. There’s nothing like a sausage sarnie, 4 coffees, 2 bags of crisps, and an apple before midday to calm the nerves. We took good care of our voices by talking non-stop and laughing at inappropriate mislearnt words.

Then woohoo someone brought a cake the dress rehearsal started and we were fishing for the first note of O Fortuna.

O Flirk I can never get that 1st note

Because of my ongoing back pain, I had decided to save my energy for the performance and sit during the dress rehearsal. I sat until I could sit no longer, then stood until I could stand it no longer, and spent rest of the rehearsal bobbing up and down like that. I tried to pretend that I was just really little and not sitting down at all, but it didn’t work and I kept getting drawn into standing up. Well I love the dress rehearsal with the orchestra so it had to be done.

I kept forgetting that I’m supposed to participate as well, and not to just sit there dumbstruck and mesmerised by the orchestra. “Ah a flute”“oooohh a violin” -“eeeeee bongo drums, I wasn’t expecting them in Hymn to the Fallen”. I also like watching Gary and seeing him fill up when he first hears the mix of choir and orchestra.

From a very early age Gary found conducting music an emotional experience

I really enjoyed the dress rehearsal and could tell the concert was going to be amazing. We dashed off all the numbers in record time, and with no major hiccups. ‘Scotland the Brave’ was even faster than usual, well if it has to be difficult it may as well be really difficult; but forewarned is forearmed and we turned it into ‘Scotland the Bravado’ for the performance.

Mek’ yer mooth loose and sing to the hoose

‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ was very rousing, even with my ‘Glory, Glory Man United’ ringing in my head. Gary made an erudite joke about encouraging the audience to sing along to ‘Jerusalem’ in a Parry-oke, and it has taken me a day and wikipedia to get it. For the less informed, like me, a Parry-oke is the same as a Gary-oke.

Then it was time to refuel and get ready for the performance. Preparations started in earnest.

  • Change knickers underwear – CHECK
  • Eat more cake – CHECK
  • Count 2 raspberrys and 3 orange jelly babies as your 5 a day fruits – CHECK
  • Drink medicinal Port – CHECK
  • Go to the loo five times just in case, or apply the pre-wee formula of a wee for each song you don’t know – CHECK
  • Don black and red gear – CHECK
  • Step into high heels for 5 seconds (some of the women did this too) – CHECK
  • Discard high heels in favour of walking boots or slippers (red or black, not sparkly) – CHECK
  • Apply lippy (see earlier sarcy comment about high heels) – CHECK ………. READY

I’ve heard that the sopranos were given a pre-concert chat to be more ballsy in ‘The Crown and the Ring’. In Alto Land we didn’t get this chat, so this (kind of) implies that Mark thinks us altos have enough balls. Charming 🙂

The concert starts for real and we’re lined up waiting to sing ‘O Fortuna’.  There is a waft of Old Spice in the air, the mark of a man (as well as an alto it seems).

On stage all I can think about is the ‘don’t touch your face let it slide rule’. My fringe has immediately fallen into my eyes and my newly mascara’d eyelashes have stuck to it, leaving me wide-eyed and helpless. On top of this, a shiny piece of dust hovers in front of me in the lights and I have a cross-eyed staring competition with it. It could be a fly, though it didn’t spread its wings and fly away like it should. So anyone with opera glasses would certainly be scared by my wide-open-cross-eyed start to the concert, at least I can feel I am really getting into the experience.

I believe it’s a fly

I loved singing ‘The Crown and the Ring’ and know it made Mark very proud. I felt like I got into character for this song, in fact my feet and back were bloody Thor for the whole concert. In the rehearsal I’d been thinking of some good Viking names and thought you might like them:

  • Emmer Reud The Painful
  • Ennie Mar The Terrible
  • Slimnot Fast
  • Verkel Zern
  • Dunka Herb Nerb

Thor a heard was a soprano I think

Then before you could say ‘Hark when the night is falling Hear! Hear the pipes are calling’ it was the break. Just enough time for me to unstick my eyelashes from my fringe, and for us all to adjust our clothing.

I loved singing both ‘Dare to Dream’ and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ as they are inspirational and uplifting. Fancy a choir named Inspiration singing inspirational songs. What next? Maybe a singing blog about singing instead of daft pictures?

Aah aah aaah in Hymn To The Fallen was good

I have to admit that by ‘You Raise Me Up’ I was nearly going down in the Inspiration history book as ‘person who first threw up on stage’. My back was still in Viking mode, but now it was Thorer Than Ever, and playing up. I knew that I only had to brave it out to the encore of SING and then I’d be able to dance in the pre-planned impromptu dancing. I’m relieved to say (but probably not as relieved as those around me) that I made it puke-free. Although I can’t believe I trashed the Mexican Wave in SING, I was taken by surprise.

The sopranos enjoy shaking it all about in SING

The Tenors do less well on their dancing, but nearly have the red and black theme sussed

So that’s another concert over and done with until….well the next one………………..Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-Style Christmas!

Style and comfort for 2 Christmas concerts

Those of us going to Edinburgh will have to keep listening and practising for our ‘Here’s to the Heroes’ Tour. On the negative side that means earworms and mislearning of words continues, on the plus side that’s another month to learn ‘Scotland The Brave’.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed singing and rehearsing with you all this term. Special thanks to Trudy, Mandy, Margy, Katherine, Sue and Laura for making me laugh (and sing sometimes) during rehearsals.

I’ll see you in Scotland my mountain hame if not afore hand.

Love Lorraine xx

ps. Leeds Inspiration: Bet your concert was fabulous. Hope you enjoyed it. It is probably finished now I’m a slow-writer.

pps. I can’t believe I missed out Gary’s Nan. She absolutely loved it and was blown away by the stage discipline, give or take an eyelash.

Nan now believes she can fly


4 Responses to “Concert day already!”

  1. Lawrence Straker July 15, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

    Lorraine, You have excelled yourself. Must go now as I need to wipe the tears away.x

    • singingalto2 July 15, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

      Thanks Lawrence. Your comment had me laughing. I put in Dunka Herb Nerb just for you 😉

  2. Lawrence Straker July 15, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    You are the essence of what the choir means to me! My sides are aching reading your blog as usual. Apart from the joy every Wednesday night, the thrill of seeing everyone when the new term starts just makes choir one of lifes essentials for me. Well you know what they say choir attracts misfits and extroverts but hey I think we are a good mixture.

    Rest up that back Ms Craig and keep us up to date xx

    • singingalto2 July 15, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

      I hope we both agree I fit in the extrovert category x

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