A cheeky wink where?

23 Sep

Hi everyone

Week 2 of rehearsals started with warm ups that seemed to get higher and higher. I felt certain we would soon be bum-clenching our way through ‘O Holy Night’, which I love but (literally) can’t support. However I was wrong, and there were no strains of ‘Oh Holy Night’ to be heard. Your ears have survived another week you have been warned and I’ll go back to Deidre-diva practising the high notes at home.

O holy heck-as like it’s high

It was an advert-filled (well two) set of warm ups. We copied Gary’s impersonation of the Churchill “no no no no no” nodding dog, and enunciated our vowels to sound like Dolmio’s Italian guy.

Ay ay ‘eez oos aar ‘igh

See how versatile we are and we’d only just begun.

Now I can’t remember the order in which we rehearsed the songs, so this week’s blog might be even less factual than previous ones.  So apologies if I get things the wrong way around.

For argument’s sake I’ll say we started with ‘God Bless Us Everyone’ because:

  1. I like this one
  2. The altos start with the tune (and keep it for over 10 bars)
  3. Just because

Someone did a well-timed attempt at stifling a sneeze, which turned into a kind of Donald Duck squeaky sneeze. Very girly 🙂

“A miracle has just …. aaaccchhhooooo”

I got a bit confused with Gary’s instruction of “start again from let us see”. 

I flicked backwards and forwards frantically looking for “let us see” – mumbling to myself – let us see where is it? Come together one and all [that’s not it]. Let us see?? We raise our voice [no]. Let us see?? God Bless us [no] – aaaaaarrrgggh I can’t see where let us see is.

My lovely friend alto 2.5 leaned over, cool as a cucumber, “Lorraine he said letter C. Start again from letter C page 18” – Doh!

We recapped swinging our quavers in ‘Let it snow’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. I’m getting into the swing of swinging quavers. Gary wanted a bit more in ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and rather worryingly asked us if we could do a cheeky wink on our bushels.

Hang on a minute. Can I what? Wink – right got that bit.

Wink cheekily – ok I think.

On my bushel?

My bushel? Young man!

Well no, not in public, but thanks for asking.

I was on overload with far too many rude jokes going around in my head none of them fit to be published and now I’m too scared to google winking bushel 😉

Dawn French does a tongue in cheek wink to Darcey Buss[h]ell

At some point in the rehearsal there was a break, in which I went out for a breathe of fresh air with the smokers.

We continued with ‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas’ – so good they named it twice. This is after the break, not outside with the smokers by the way. We had a great comment from Gary that we sounded nice, but he couldn’t understand which language we were singing in. So he asked us to imagine ourselves as the best English speaking carol singers ever with lights, lanterns, woolly hats, scarves and snow.

Trying to add emotion does give an oomph to the song, though I can’t say I find it easy. So if you see me wearing a scarf and carrying a lantern next week, you’ll know that I am experimenting with method singing.

If you need any proof [we’re best], ‘smerely a matter of reason

 Although we turned it into some kind of football chant, trying to out do one another by getting louder each time, it was good fun to shout out for Santa.

Santa is here again – YES

‘Merry Christmas’ has been my earworm for this week. Unfortunately the only bit I say aloud is the YES, which has caused some odd looks from my work colleagues in a Meg Ryan in that cafe scene kind of way.

We ended on ‘Believe’ from Polar Express, which I now really want to see. I’m quite soppy and soft, so I really like the words and sentiment in this one. Gary had fun with taking the mick out of our counting two beats rest, and then coming in on ‘d-d-d-d destinations’ at different times. It’s difficult to count to two though isn’t it? Mainly I find because I haven’t been able to count the previous four beats, and so I don’t know when to start counting two from. Confused? I am – always.

I enjoyed the rehearsal and definitely felt more upbeat about singing Christmas songs in September. So much so, that I listened to the rehearsal CD in the car on the way to work and back the next day – YES – and I’ve booked my tickets for the concert already – YES, YES.

I’ve also been shopping for ‘bling’ and bought a sparkly set of necklace and earrings to go with my big fat gypsy style wedding dress. All I need now are some glass slippers and a prince 😉

Already there are a few songs to learn off by heart – Jingle Bell Rock, The First Noel, Let it Snow, God Bless Us Everyone – if there are others, then I forgot to write them down.

I’ll have to stop daydreaming, stop mucking around on google looking for winking bushels, dancing cats and santas and believe I can learn them this early. Come on Lorraine just d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d do it!

Happy word learning.

See you next week.

Lorraine x


2 Responses to “A cheeky wink where?”

  1. Lesley Pearcey September 23, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    Lorraine you are fab!! I love your blog my poor husband thinks I am totally dearanged as I am sitting here giggling at your Let Us See!!!! only because I would do exactly the same.
    Lesley xx

    • singingalto2 September 23, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

      Thanks Lesley. I was stumped with ‘let us see’. I’m sure everyone else had started singing and I was still looking for it!

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