Competitive warm-ups and chorus boys

4 Oct

Hi everyone

Well it’s week 4 of rehearsals, but really only week 3 due to last week’s floods. Time is flying by and it’s nearly Christmas already, even though in the world of non-Inspirationers it isn’t even Halloween yet.

Warm-up exercises got competitive with a rather worrying instruction from Gary of “I’ll leave it up to you, how high you go.”

The altos try to outwit the sopranos

I sat down pretty quickly. In fact I didn’t even go as high as we usually do in the exercise (how lazy is that?) But the sopranos kept on going higher and higher. The windows rattled but remained intact, until there was one voice left in this bizarre game of soprano endurance. I think that brave soul could have kept going, but she got all shy when it struck her that she’d won and stopped immediately.

Did I win Ethel?

We moved on to ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ which has a few more cheeky winks in, they’re between your holly and your tree, and nowhere near your bushel so perhaps this only applies to the men. We found out that a spinnet is a harpsichord, though I’m a bit disappointed at that. ‘Carol’s at the spinnet’ to me sounds like she’s in a real ale pub.

Ivy’s in the Rovers

From bar 59 not a real ale pub, in the music the men were particularly strong and managed to out-sing all of the women. An Inspiration first!

Gary commented it was like having his own set of chorus boys.

Stop showing off guys you’ve only out-sung us once

‘Mame’ was next where we had fun singing with a Southern drool drawl. ‘We’re bakin’ pecan paas agin’ – damn it looks like Geordie now I’ve written it down, so you’ll just have to imagine it.

Tonight the chicken fries again!

I wasn’t having very much fun at this point as my back was hurting again. So I went outside for a walk and unfortunately missed most of Mame. I have that false confidence of singing it before 10 years ago, and therefore I think I know it. This means I will naughtily skip the track on the CD, and then end up playing it on a continuous loop 2 days before the concert.

After the break we went ‘Walking In The Air’ and pretended to be Aled Jones for a while. I was one step ahead of Gary this week, and knew that ‘Let her be’ in ‘Somewhere In My Memory’ was letter B 😉

We ended with a perfect diva moment of ‘O Holy Night’. So the soprano endurance competition served a purpose after all. Luckily this wasn’t note bashed, and we didn’t have to sing the alto line on our own. Phew I was able to hide my Deidre/Diva impersonation as it’s painful to hear well my cat puts her ears back and scowls when I sing it.

The aim is to pin Gary’s Nan to the seat

I’ve got lots of homework to do and really need to sit down with the words and music together, rather than sing along making words up. We all know that made up words stick and can’t be shifted once embedded.

I hope that soon I’ll be walking in the air, rather than slightly stooped and with a twisty face 🙂

I’m off to practise my Sue Ellen accent for Mame, she’s much more glam than Deidre. Are you reliving the 80’s like me by watching the new Dallas? Well don’t you think Sue Ellen looks kind of the same, but different? She’s had surgery done, or perhaps it’s just a Mame-style face freeze.

See you next week.

Happy CD listening and word learning.

Lorraine x

ps. Anne added this in the Inspiration group and it is just too funny to leave out. Hope you enjoy it, but hope the words don’t stick!



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