Ding dong!

12 Oct

Well hello

This week’s rehearsal was one of smutty laughter (as usual). It started in the warm ups when Gary had us pulling on our ding dongs to make them stronger.   I’m not being rude, that’s what happened – honest.

Well ok it was the Deidre/Diva diaphragm exercise, and the pull was on your dong to make them long. Oh I feel I am digging myself a hole here, so will stop. But as I’ve just realised with warm ups after singing in the choir for nearly ten years there is always a link with the exercises and the songs we rehearse (more of which later).

We started with ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ and guess who has made a return? Woo hoo it’s Ms Perky Doo Doo.

The altos had first go at doing the Doo Doos. Last Christmas concert we did manage to do the Doo Doos perky and with a head shake. This week we didn’t perk up on our Doo Doos and Gary’s was the only head shaking.  So practice those Doo Doos and be perky 😉

Ms Perky Doo Doo

We were able to bring in our newly lengthened and strengthened ding dongs. Though I’m a bit worried about counting them after the words ‘the choir of children sing their songs’.

I don’t want to drop a Clanger and over-Ding it

Next was ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ in which the altos took a starring role. I’ve sang this at many Christmas parties and along to pub dukeboxes (do they still exist by the way?) but I’ve never sung these words before. I don’t even know which words I have been using over the drunken Christmas party years, I just know they didn’t include pumpkin pie.

This song was my earworm overnight and into Thursday, so much so that I was able to bring it into a conversation at work. Someone mentioned they had brought Moroccan couscous for lunch, which gave me the chance to sing “Moroccan around the Christmas tree”. It tickled me, but made the others groan and they all went for lunch without me.

We did ‘Suo Gan’ and got away with singing it in Welsh. Unless of course you can actually speak Welsh, and then we probably didn’t get away with it. Gary gave us the glowing praise of ‘its sounds foreign so I’m happy with it’.

Then ‘Carol of the Bells’ – the one I’d been waiting for.

I suppose I don’t know the words yet, but there seems to be too many of them to fit into the time given. Plus in the concert I’ll be wearing my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dress (size 6, but I’m much more comfortable in a size 14) so fitting into it will make breathing optional. How are we supposed to get through the words, breathing and don’t even get me started on the la la las?

I got a funny look at the traffic lights the other day when trying to practice the la la las at full blast (I was in my car by the way, though I would have got even funnier looks if I’d been cycling). I think I’ll have to rely on brainwashing again.

Perhaps we should take the Muppet approach to bell ringing?

We continued with ‘Carol of the Bells’ after the break, as it is a bit complicated with the overlapping parts. It was making my head ring. I think this will be another one not to drop a clanger in 😉

Then on to ‘The Best Christmas of All’ which is cheesy, but nice I think. Mark seemed to be very impressed with it, so I think it’s his new favourite.

Waiting for Santa

The First Noel (one of those I think I know so skip on the CD) was nearly our last song in the rehearsal. Then OMG (Oh My God) it was OHN (O Holy Night) #singlikeadeidre. I love singing this, but really need to use my support tights exercises.

I enjoyed this rehearsal and look forward to next week when it’s our first full run through. It’s not BH week yet, so no need to worry about singing Welsh fluently by then.

We might be getting into it early, but this could be the best Christmas concert of all.

So many things to do – learn my words, do support exercises for OHN, learn when to breathe for the la la las, count/pull my ding dongs, perky up my Doo Doos, and learn Welsh.

It doesn’t look much now that I’ve written it down

See you next week.

Lorraine x


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