Mobots and bend-ze-knees

20 Oct

Hi everyone

This week started with sensible warm ups, but soon ended up in hysterics. Gary had a creative vision for the concert, which he wanted to develop. We started by tickling our top sets with the Vvvvv, ZZZZZzzzzz, FFFFfffft ‘hockle on your neighbour’ exercise. Then moved onto scales and harmonising, adding in some choreography of bend-ze-knees to test our rhythm.

The men were like the goose and the women like the pigeons

No matter how hard the men we tried, we couldn’t keep in time and it ended up like a drunken beginners step-class. It got more difficult when we added a musical Mobot move, and finally a hand flick of an imaginary hat – all in time and together (or not depending on your gender).

The men tried but couldn’t quite get the beat

So Gary’s vision of synchronised high kicks ……

……. will need some work. As he looked around the church, he must have realised his elaborate plan will have to be downgraded……….

So that was one of the weirder wacky warm-ups. We moved on to run through the whole concert, but not in any particular order. So my music file is staying in place until the order has been finalised. Then I’ll devise an unworkable filing system, which means I’ll never be able to find a song in time again.

Due to our earlier exertions Gary got what he described as thigh wobble in the middle of ‘Winter Wonderland’, and then proceeded to rub his legs like Vic Reeves.

Mark and Gary enjoy thigh wobble together

We rattled through the numbers, although the red pen was probably out and making big circles around areas we need to work on. The tenors were lovely and controlled in ‘The First Noel’, which made up for them being uncontrollable during the choreography.

In ‘The Best Christmas of All’ the men were asked to be OTT with their diction, and to be a super-cheesy Mr Santa. Didn’t they do well!

Through a navy blue night crowned with shimmering stars

In ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’ the altos were told that we need to be more drunken and party animals in our 70-odd person solo.

By that I mean ‘approx 70’ people, and not 70 ‘odd altos’.

Not that kind of party animal

There was no mention of which bits were being circled with red pen, so we kept on not knowing how we were doing.

We Deidre-Diva’d through ‘O Holy Night’, muffled our way through ‘Suo Gan’, and ‘la la la la’d through ‘Carol of the Bells’. We even managed to sing ‘Walking in the Air’ without doing an Aled Jones impersonation, or without a mention of Irn Bru. I loved the fact that our kiss goodnight in ‘Let it snow’ was too polite.

A dirty kiss goodnight

It was good to sing every song in the concert, some of them 2 or 3 times. It gave me an idea of which bits to work on (most of it) and which bits I know (some bits but unfortunately not whole songs). The weeks seem to be flying by like a snowman and boy with Irn Bru and it’ll be Christmas before we know it. Although of course in the real world it isn’t even Halloween yet.

I know I say it every week. BUT I’m going to make an effort from now on, and will be singing along to the CD with my music to start making the right words stick.

I might be organised with my dress and sparkly accessories, but I feel like I’m behind with my word learning. I can’t just stand there in the concert and shimmer can I? Though come to think of it a really sparkly dress would dazzle the audience and I’d get away with not knowing all the words 😉

Happy word learning and party dress buying.

See you next week.

Lorraine x


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