A Christmas sing song on Halloween

3 Nov

Hi everyone

Warms ups at the start of our Halloween rehearsal weren’t too weird. Just the usual ‘noo narrs’ followed by some ‘narr noos’. Why were the ‘narr noos’ more difficult? I divvint narr noo, but they were.

Nooooo naarrrrrr Noooo naaarrrr

We did another full run through, not necessarily in concert order, so I didn’t deface my file index too much for fear of confusing myself. Having said that I had a bad start, and spent ages looking for the first song ‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.’ I could only shout out each YES until I found it, and by the time I did it was nearly over.

In ‘Let It Snow’ the lights began to flicker and dim, it was a bit spooky what with it being Halloween. Even more strangely the flickering started on command as we sang ‘the lights are turned way down low’, now imagine what could have happened if we’d been cheeky winking on our bushels 

Something funny happened with the lights

We rattled through the songs, although it wasn’t until seven songs in that Gary had his first ‘moment’. That’s nearly all the way through the first half. Don’t worry Gary, we’ll have you weeping soon even if it’s in frustration or if we end up resorting to violence.

Can you believe that ‘Believe’ was the first lip wobble moment?

I love ‘We Need A Little Christmas’, but I’d forgotten that my scribbled ‘stop’ in bar 61 actually means ‘stop and remember that the notes are longer from this point’ and not ‘STOP everything, including singing and breathing.’ I need to improve my scribbled notes, as they should at least make sense to me.

Gary was very rude (even for him) about fingering coaxing the blues out of the horn in ‘Mame.’ He would have got wrong off Nan if we’d been at the Sage, especially when he started doing the tickling the trout hand movements. A bit of smutty humour always knocks my concentration, so Mame went by in a blur.

Well shut my mouth and freeze my face

After the break we got into Deidre/Diva mode with ‘O Holy Night.’ I’m still thinking of employing a stunt double for the high notes, as my inner Deidre is beating my inner Diva for now. Perhaps I need to employ an alto-ego instead?

We altos got to sing our solo in ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’, although we are still too sober and polite at the minute. Can you believe that? We’ll be drunker and ruder soon, then you’ll be sorry 🙂

A backing singer for those lowly women, well I never!

Gary was pleased with the number of people who are off the books for some numbers (not me for any), but thought that we had sloppy diction sometimes (me often). It’s not that I always have sloppy diction, it’s just that some of the notes are so long and I can’t breathe to get the final ‘t’ out. So I need to practice breathing, as well as learn the words (talk about back to basics).

It was funny that Gary had just mentioned learning words, being off the books and good diction, then moved on to ‘Suo Gan’ our Welsh number. I think we should add another shouted YES at the end of this one. We’ll deserve it!

We got to test out our bell ringing in ‘Carol of the Bells’. It reminded me of The Muppet clip from the other week, but it could also be an Inspiration way of introducing us to a new Bond villianess.

Ivana Tinkle

We found out that ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ is being replaced by an Inspiration biggy – ‘O Fortuna?’ – no much bigger than that – ‘Titanic?’ – no, not as big as that. ‘Hallelujah’ – you’ve got it.

You’re mood is right. You’re spirits up. You won’t be here tonight. That’s it you’re out

It was another good rehearsal, which gave us pointers on which bits to learn and where to get dirty, drunker and ruder. I feel that BH week is imminent, so want to get a start ahead if I can.

I’ve been busy recently and the weeks are flying by. I’ve had a couple of trips to the Sage – Seth Lakeman in concert (yum yum), and today playing Yellow Bird and Lady Gaga on steel pan drums (I guessed we’d play Yellow Bird, but was a bit surprised at Paparazzi by Lady Gaga). Anyway these are some of my many excuses as to why I’m behind on my word learning. Too many distractions, and Monday is fireworks night (it’ll be like Dr. Sarah Winthrop night all over again).

Dr. Sarah Winthrop returns

We’ve got a Saturday rehearsal next week, so remember to pack cakes, chocolate, and Percy Pigs (they’re good for your voice I’ve heard).

See you soon.

Lorraine x


One Response to “A Christmas sing song on Halloween”

  1. forcupscake November 5, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    I love it. I’m sure we need some christmas songs at work now that it is less than 50 sleeps to the big day, and because I have paid my deposit and even ordered my Xmas work “do” food already!

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