Larf-ter, tears and Star Trek

10 Nov

Hi everyone

Well in theory I have 2 blogs to write this week – 1 for Wednesday and 1 for today. I might do 2 separate ones or I might do a big one (so to speak) to cover both rehearsals. Who knows? Definitely not me at the moment 😉

Cast your mind back to Wednesday’s frenzy of weird warm-ups and tongue twisters.

How difficult is it to sing ‘phantom-of-the-opera, phantom-of-the-opera’……etc? I’m sure like me you had an extra ‘of-the-opera’ that you couldn’t squash into the exercise. I was just getting the hang of it when we changed to ‘popocatepetl’. I can do this one very slowly, but speed it up and I get my ‘cata’ and ‘petl’s muddled up.

I’ve been singing pop with cattle petal

We continued with the ‘throwing an imaginary ball over your head’ exercise, which helps connect the high note to the low note and also makes us look silly to any outsiders.

‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas’ is going to be a quick stand (unless you have a sore back and then it’s an ‘as quick as you can’ stand). It’s very energetic but in bar 32 we over oozed, and had to get quieter s’merely to hear the men sing and reindeer fly. Each ‘YES’ is energetic too, though we’re still awaiting news on the choreography for this.

Santa is here again. YES!

In ‘God Bless Us Everyone’ we enunciated so well that we turned quite posh – “larfter and tears”. Remember you’re a Northerner except those of you who aren’t sorry and have “laff-ter and tears” and fish and chips.

Gary tried to improve the diction on ‘a miracle has just begun’ and first got the men to sing it with no S in ‘just’. It went something like this:

” Without the S”  —– jusssssssssssst — “no without the S” ——– jussssssst —– “look stop making the hiss and do it right, please” ——-jussssssst

In ‘The Best Christmas Of All’ we were note bashing bar 98 – “as long as you love one another” – when one of the men shouted “Gary it’s sounds Star Trek”. It doesn’t take much to distract us, so we all started humming bits of the theme tune and doing the ‘live long and prosper’ hand sign to one another.

Bass the final frontier. Highly illogical but love one another and prosper

After the break we did an Irn-Bru free ‘Walking In The Air’. I was not taken by surprise to find out I’d been singing ‘taken by surprise’ wrong. I realised this when we sang along with the piano.

In ‘Believe’ we created our first bit of atmosphere, and the men gave Gary a 2-note tingle on the last ‘just believe’. Hooray!

We ended with ‘Hallelujah’ which was a bit cruel to those who haven’t sung it before, but mainly because we only had 2 copies of it between us. There is a silent version for those who would rather perform this. Very funny and would give us some extra oomph 😉

I enjoyed the rehearsal and know I still have a ton of work to do with learning the words. I’m sure I say that every week.

I might write another post later about today’s rehearsal, though it’ll be a quickie (ooerr missuss).

Bye for now!

Lorraine x


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