Saturday rehearsal

10 Nov

Hi everyone

Here’s the promised quickie on today’s rehearsal. It was lovely to be back at the old rehearsal venue, the queue for the loo might be a bit longer but it means that you get extra time to chat. There’s always a plus side.

Gary was doing a very good Bruce Forsyth impersonation, with each voice type being his favourite in turn. The altos got to sing their solo in ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’, although I think we are still being too polite. Maybe when we get off the books on Thursday ha ha ha ha then we’ll be able to let rip 😉

Rocking around one’s Christmas tree

I liked the feedback on the 2 types of body language for the ‘Rocking Around’ backing singers:

Oooh oooh

Deck the halls with boughs of holly

We tried not to prematurely tinkle in ‘Carol Of The Bells’, which would have been alarming for me if I had done as I didn’t have a bell with me 😉

Then in good old Inspiration tradition we all faced centre and sang ‘Winter Wonderland’ to Pam. It’s not a tradition to sing ‘Winter Wonderland’ every time by the way, just the singing to Pam bit which is tradition. She did a good ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judge style speech of “my daaaarrrrlliiiinnnks you were all wonderful, zat was a wunderbar, wonderland”. Although I’m not really sure why she sounds like Marlene Dietrich all of a sudden.

We practised ‘Mame’ and seemed to get a Broadway feeling going. The men did some self-styled choreography, which should be kept in they’re all doing it together so it’ll look good.

Well shut my mouth and freeze my face

Gareth probably had a right laugh at our attempts to sing in Welsh. We tried it without books and I got a bit further than I expected. Woohoo I remembered the first word 😉

Gary had the basses demonstrate how to sing a trill in ‘Hallelujah’ – stand on one leg and shake it whilst singing. It worked a treat as well. Shame there’s no clever tricks for learning Welsh, other than through brainwashing, hard work and lots of wine.

Dancing in the trill, to sing a trill

Back to Gosforth next Wednesday and Thursday, with Thursday being a full run through without the books. What was that? Oh it was the sound of us all laughing and then reaching into the fridge for more wine.

See you all next week.

Lorraine x


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