Ding thong – Bell ringing and sandals!

18 Nov

Hi everyone

Well another week packed full of laughter and singing. Unfortunately I was only able to go to the Wednesday rehearsal, and at this point do not know how well or otherwise we did in the Thursday BH rehearsal. I know you’re probably thinking I chickened out of the opportunity to sing the whole concert BH, but really I’ve had no voice since Wednesday night (which is difficult for me being such a gobshite sociable person).

My hoarseness has been brought on not only by singing. It started at work when I was doing impersonations of Marge Simpson and Hilary Devey (from Dragons’ Den). So really it’s my own fault.

My impersonation goes something like “Ah lark ya luv. But ya not fer me”

On Thursday morning I arrived at work with no voice, and they all shouted “YES” when they realised I’d have to be quiet for the whole day. How nice of them to be so au fait with one of our concert numbers 😉

Anyway less about me and back to the rehearsal. I missed the warm ups perhaps another reason for my hoarseness due to parking problems and arrived part way through ‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas’. As I know the words to this one now I was able to sign in, cause disruption to the alto’s seating arrangements, take off my coat, and sing along at the same time (now that’s multi-tasking for you).

Gary was making notes of things we need to work on as we sang our way through the concert.

The sopranos had an early frolic in ‘Winter Wonderland’

In ‘Somewhere in My Memory’ we did an impromptu tribute to Mother Teresa. It’s that errant ‘S’ again – jusssssssst keeps jumping in when we don’t want it!

Sandals in the window

The ‘sieving in my memory’ will help you sift out who knows the words, Gary flour flower.

‘Mame’ was exciting and Gary commented we’d had the best lead in to the big chorus – ever – wooohooo! That made us feel alive again.

After the break we discussed bell etiquette. As we don’t want to tinkle too early we’ll have to hold onto them all the way through the second half.

This may be a problem if you have a funny shaped or sweaty clapper

So many things to remember and be wary of:

  • Don’t shout out YES in the wrong place
  • Don’t tinkle too early
  • Don’t stand on the end of someone’s big fat Gypsy wedding style dress
  • Don’t ladder tights
  • Do know all the words

 ……… The list could go on and on, and on ……….

We all got muddled when Gary skipped ‘God Bless Us Everyone’ and wanted us to go straight on to ‘Suo Gan’. He thought our screams of “NO NO” were down to our fear of singing that bit in Welsh – the Welsh scare bit I’ll call it from now on – but we only wanted to maintain the order of the concert and delay singing ‘pie dug off knee’ for as long as possible.

We survived the Welsh scare bit, but that was with books, I’m not sure how it went the next day BH. In ‘God Bless Us Everyone’ I was trying to do it without books and had an unfortuate mishap with an errant ‘S’ and sang ‘we bow our head and spray’ – a cross between praying and saying – aarrrgghhh where do these word hiccoughs come from? Well not from over learning that’s for sure.

Those of us with bells and without funny shaped or sweaty clappers were able to swing freely and practice ringing at the right time in ‘Carol Of The Bells’.

Hark hear the bell!

Here’s hoping to a second half sans tinkle, and with bell ringing in the right place. Once we’ve got through this we’ll have to quickly reclasp our clappers for fear of letting out a tinkle rather than a ‘Hallelujah’ in the encore.

I was sorry to miss the BH rehearsal, as I had made an effort to learn all the words. Stop laughing I had really. I hope the rehearsal went well, and I’m sure we’ll have lots to work on in the next rehearsal. I’m still a little hoarse neigh so I’ll have to be quiet again at work and might not be able to sing on Wednesday.

Here’s hoping my voice comes back soon, so I can join in properly.

Happy word learning……………. if all else fails ……………………….

See you Wednesday.

Lorraine x


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