A silent night for me & a run through for you

23 Nov

Hi everyone, and for those singers in Paris “bonjour tout le monde”

On Wednesday my voice wasn’t fully recovered, so I decided to sit upstairs to listen to the rehearsal. I sat on my own in the lurgy area, and had a good vantage point of Gary and the whole choir. I usually sit on the naughty row in alto heaven so it was nice to get a different perspective, and of course to hear the whole concert. As soon as the warm ups started I was tempted to leave the lurgy area and sing with my fellow altos, but I forced myself to stay put and be sensible for a change.

Warm ups weren’t too wild and wacky, though Gary said he made you sing higher than before. At one point the sopranos became convinced it was all about them.

Nim on nee, Nim on nee, Nim on nee, ME

It was a full run through again with a small change to the running order. ‘Carol Of The Bells’ will now end the first half of the concert, so be prepared to hang on to your sweaty clapper (or ding dong if you prefer) then. ‘Mame’ will end the second half, although there’s still not enough room to do high kicks, jazz hands, or any choreography (phew!)

I’d forgotten about the final ‘YES’ in ‘Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas’, so I’ve made a mental note about that. In ‘Winter Wonderland’ Gary said that going from the brittle ‘mmm-ing’ to the swing section, it would be nice to look as if we have a pulse alive. That’s difficult with so much to remember – words (check), voice part (check), breathing (check), facial expression (doh!)

I really enjoyed ‘Walking In The Air’ as it was very exciting, the harmonies seem to swell and build. ‘Carol Of The Bells’ was good too and all the ‘la la la’ bit was very together.

The start of the second half with ‘O Holy Night’ will blow the audience away.

The dancing in ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ was the opposite way around to before. I realise this isn’t a very clear instruction, so hope these visual aids help.

Swing along to the ooh oohs

Stay still for ‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly’

The Welsh scare bit was good. I was trying to test myself and sing along in my head. It was funny watching you all, as from my vantage point I could see people signalling to one another with their eyebrows when it got to the difficult bit. I also spotted someone who had stuck the words on the back of the person in front without them knowing. So remember for the concert try not to be on the front row, as there’ll be no one to pin words to (although you could get your friends to make a banner to remind you – pie dug off knee, demon dialling).

I think ‘We Need A Little Christmas’ is one of my favourite numbers. Gary commented on how good Mark’s piano playing is, and how it’s like there’s more than one person playing

The bass line played with one hand and the oom pahs with the other. What’s he using to play the tune? Clever dick 😉

‘Mame’ and ‘Hallelujah’ are two exciting numbers to end on. We’ll be exhausted by then, but at least we won’t have sweaty clappers to think about.

Don’t forget to test drive your high heels in next week’s rehearsal.

Sheep With High Heels

Funny Sheep Pictures | Forward this Picture

See you all next week when I’ll be back singing in alto heaven.

Look forward to seeing your Disney and Mickey Mouse photos.

Lorraine x


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