Hark hear the bells – our last rehearsal

30 Nov

The last rehearsal

Hi everyone

I can’t believe that Wednesday was our last rehearsal. I am lost for words, literally lost for words in parts of this concert – the main culprits are swing/ring, chime/time, trains move quickly, and Gwena’n dawel yn fy mynwes. Oh and bushel – I can remember that one, but I think it sounds smutty so it’s included for a cheap laugh. Bizarrely I can sing ‘Carol of the Bells’ as long as I don’t think about it.

So how do you feel about Sunday?

Sunday the day of reckoning when the chicken fries

For some it’s the day of reckoning when the chicken fries

Are you word perfect?

The words are somewhere in my memory

The words are somewhere in my memory

Word perfect? oh no no no no no

Word perfect? oh no no no no no

Gwena'n dawel yn fy mynwes

Gwena’n dawel yn fy mynwes

I hope you’re excited about getting dressed up Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Style. I’m sorted with my dress, shoes and sparkly jewellery. So just the important stuff left to sort out – sandwiches, cake, chocolates, and a sparkly brooch large enough to fit some problem words on. So if you see me flashing my bushel you’ll know why 😉

Gary’s Nan is getting dolled up too. She’s really looking forward to this concert, especially as she hasn’t had a sneak preview.  So she’s expecting to be even more blown away than usual.

Nan only blings when she's singing

Nan only blings when she’s singing

Anyway talking about singing and blinging, what about ringing? There’s been a change to normal concert etiquette, and you should now hold on to your sweaty clapper tightly between your knees. So just this once there’s no need to put your hands on knees [altogether now “your own knees”]. But don’t fiddle with your sweaty clapper even if it’s oddly shaped and interesting to touch up in case you tinkle. Sunday Act One is a tinkle-free zone until the sing-a-bling-a-ring-along-a bit.

Try not to worry too much about tinkling and getting your clapper sweaty. To loosely phrase an old quote:

‘The Carol of the Bells’ will be genius. Let’s make it one percent perspiration, ninety nine percent Inspiration.

I’ll keep this short and sweet plus it’s nearly 2pm and I’m not dressed yet. See you all on Sunday for a day full of song, ding dong, no I’m not wearing a thong, in case I wear it wrong and it pings off and hits a gong.

Hope you enjoy the concert and get through the long day in one piece.

Good luck as well to the inaugural Echo concert in Leeds tonight. Have fun with Captain Andy!

Lorraine x


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