It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

12 Dec

Hi everyone

Hope you are all ready for Christmas. Not too long to wait now.

Christmas must be getting closer, as there are signs of it everywhere. Last weekend I met Santa, he was driving the number 63 bus from Heaton into town.

“What would you like?” he asked as I got on the bus.

I was a bit taken aback, “Oh – a pair of boots, some chocs, smellies, and a Baileys cake from Iceland”.

“Ner man ya’ fare”

“Oh sorry, £3.70 day ticket please” Doh!

I ran around town quickly and was back waiting for my bus home within less than an hour. The number 40 pulled up and wouldn’t you know it but Santa was driving again. I don’t know, you wait all year for Santa and then have two turn up in an hour. Makes it a bit more difficult to believe, doesn’t it?

It must be very confusing for small children at this time of year. They’ve been bombarded with Easter Eggs since the end of January, Summer is a wash out, it snows in October, and Christmas starts as soon as Halloween ends. Now the one and only Santa has to pull a double-shift on a Sunday, on two different bus routes, and he has a Geordie accent.

Mind saying that we Inspirationers have been singing Carols since September, so we’re no less confused. I remember singing ‘Let It Snow’ in the 1st rehearsal, which seemed strange as I think we were still in monsoon season at the time.

Anyway this is just a quick message to say good luck to all those involved in the Leeds concert on Sunday. Enjoy getting dressed up in your bling outfits and smart suits. Look forward to hearing all about the concert, seeing your photographs, and reading audience feedback.

Have fun!

Lorraine x

ps. Don’t forget to Blu Tack your sweaty clappers 😉


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