A review of 2012

29 Dec

Hi everyone

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year celebrations. Will your bling Christmas concert dress be coming out again for a New Year’s party? Or do you prefer to stay in with your pyjamas on, watching telly and eating chocs?

Whatever you do, wherever you go think back on 2012 with pride. It’s been an Inspirational year of singing, laughter, and of course lots of difficult words to learn.  But hey, we did it and will soon be starting again in 2013 (the 1st Newcastle rehearsal is about 2 minutes past midnight on the 1st January I think). To help look back on 2012 with fondness, I’ve scanned my crap jokes the archive to provide a short review of the year. Enjoy!


Rehearsals for ‘Sail on Titanic’ start with lots of talk of lifebelts, women and children first, and icebergs. ‘Lady of the Sea’ becomes the year’s first earworm, shortly followed by an early contender for best mislearnt words of the year with ‘and with a crap her body failed’ – crap being a mix up of having to sing ‘crack’ and clap at the same time 😉


The first changes to the seating arrangements in Newcastle when the Upstairs Ladies came downstairs to sing with the Downstairs Ladies for ‘Under the Sea’. Unfortunately as they sang without a Tena Lady the Tenor Ladies there were a few damp patches around.

To help us ‘Hail Poetry’ everyone purchased an eye patch, lost an eye patch, and then had to buy another one. This buying and losing of eye patches went on until the concert day.


We are fully into the ‘Titanic’ rehearsals now and getting into the difficult stuff.

Behold the sea.........itself

Behold the sea………itself

We’re a right bunch of mingers. Some took the lead and became early mingers, most didn’t even know when they were minging. I was steammmm…..ming in and out of alto part, and managed to get it wrong for the concert. That was my best well-rehearsed error of the year.

You might think we didn’t have a Summer this year, but according to this blog it was on the 29th March. Summer 2012 also coincided with our last rehearsal  at the Sage, where it was a confused mix of shorts, sunglasses and iceberg faces.

In the concert Johnny Two-Patch fell off the stage in the middle of ‘Hail Poetry’.

Frantic talk about what to wear for the ‘Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dress-style Christmas’ started.

Summer ends 30th March. I wonder what day it’ll be on next year?


No choir this month, but some of us still met for coffee and a chat.

“Nice Blerg” – review from singer in Ashington


‘Here’s to the Heroes’ rehearsals begin. Those going on the Edinburgh trip start to think about which red and black clothes to pack. Denise Saunders looks into the possibility of getting Inspiration-badged umbrella hats, but this idea is quickly knocked on the head in favour of £1 ponchos and/or a silver survival blanket the size of a football pitch.

The new earworm is ‘Scotland the Brave’.

The winning analogy of 2012 goes to Gary (who else?) with this toilet roll description of our singing and harmonies –

  • Sopranos are described as velvety and soft
  • Basses like the rough side of Izal
  • Tenors like the slippy side of Izal
  • Altos too sheet to mention


We find out from Gary Barlow that we will be singing SING. A surprise for the audience and also for us, when we realise we don’t know the words as it’s not on the rehearsal CD.

Word learning in other concert numbers has taken a step back. Well I say a step back, it’s more of a Highland Fling used to distract Gary from the fact that we can’t get the words of ‘Scotland the Brave’ to stick. En masse we decided to go with ‘Der der der der der der der, der der der der der der der…’


Concert time in Leeds and Newcastle. Mark gets to play the ‘Crown and the Ring’ and we pretend to be Viking warriors. Our feet are Thor because there’s lots of standing.


NB. For those that didn’t holiday abroad in 2012 that round yellow thing above the word August is the sun.

August sees Inspiration Newcastle and Leeds hit the drink Edinburgh Festival and the Tattoo. Whilst the majority of Inspirationers dance the night away at the party, some sad, lost souls played for hours with the silver survival blanket acquired from the First Aiders at the Tattoo.

Lady Gaga impersonator

Lady Gaga tribute act

25th August is declared Dr. Sarah Winthrop day. I’m very excited to hear that Dr Sarah has recently been asked to star in a film. It’s an update of a 90s romantic comedy starring alongside Tom Hanks; watch out for Dr Sarah and Tom in ‘You’ve Got [Out of Office] Mail’ coming to a cinema near you early in 2013.


Santa is here again …………………………. YES!

Rehearsals start for the Christmas ‘Believe’ concerts. We try our best to do a cheeky wink on our bushels 😉


Ding Dong! We start work on our new earworm ‘Carol of the Bells’.


‘Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say what’s the next word’. To add to our word learning misery, we are now introduced to Welsh words. Altogether now ‘Pie Dug Gove Knee, Demon Dialling, [Alan] Shearer, argh shit no’.

Sweaty clappers make a first appearance.

The funniest incorrect singing of a ‘S’ goes to ‘Sandal in the window’. It takes all of November to get over this, in fact I’m still laughing about it now.


One word darlings ——– FAB — U — LOUS. We dress up in our BLING and high heels for the ‘Believe’ concerts, though by the 2nd half it’s BLING and slippers.

Some lucky Inspirationers visit Paris and meet Darth Vader (wish I’d been there). Also Echo concerts are well received in both Leeds and Newcastle.

Then the threat of the end of the world, which had me worried. I thought if the world started with a big bang, then it it’s bound to end with a big BLING. But no it didn’t happen, so that’s not the end of the world is it? – hooray!

That’s my quick review of 2012. There were so many memorable Inspiration moments that I couldn’t feature them all. Reading back through the blog has brought back some of the laughs, with loads of things that I’d forgotten about (like that one day of Summer). If it ever takes your fancy have a quick look at the archived posts; these blogs go right back to September 2011 with Perky Do Do and girding your loins to sing gospel, through to the better wetter ‘Under the Sea’, and ending with a sweaty clapper that sounds way ruder than I meant honest but I’ll leave it in.

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for 2013.


Here’s hoping for another Inspirational year!


I look forward to seeing you soon and of course getting back to singing.

Lorraine x


3 Responses to “A review of 2012”

  1. john emmerson December 29, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    NIce one lorraine, even have two bells to ring in the New Year.x

  2. karen January 1, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    You make me wish I could be in your choir! Looking forward to reading next year! xx

    • singingalto2 January 3, 2013 at 7:11 pm #

      Ah thanks Karen. Used to love singing with you at school. It’s so fresh in my memory as it was only about 5 years ago (NOT) x

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