Choreography and unexpected words

4 Jan

Hi everyone

Well that was a quick break wasn’t it? We all looked slightly less blingy, but other than that everything was the same. There were whispered conversations in overcrowded hallways. The atmosphere was pretty thrilling, as always. Not only could I feel the early morning madness, there was a bit of afternoon mayhem thrown in there too. I could definitely feel the magic in the making. Why, everything’s as if we never said goodbye.

The warm ups picked up where we left off last term. Remember having to hold in your tinkle? Well this week we had to hiss – not one big hiss – but 4 controlled little ones. SSSsssss —– SSSSSSSSSss —– SSSSSSssss—– ssss. This exercise involves diaphragmatic breathing and touching yourself ūüėČ

We’d only been in the rehearsal about 5 minutes and Gary had us doing choreography. Right hand up, left hand up, and then both down. Surprisingly we were quite good at this.


The men had moved downstairs, so started showing off

The men had moved downstairs with the sopranos, so started showing off


Then jazz hands, which we weren’t that good at to start with. But Gary explained what he wanted us to do.


Energetic American jazz hands

Energetic American jazz hands


Not reserved English jazz hands

Not our reserved and so English jazz hands


Even Norma Desmond had a go, but she also needs a bit of practice.


Norma says "My jazz hands are big! It's this picture that got small.

Norma says “My jazz hands are big! It’s this picture that got small.


But in the end we are all shown up by this kitten. The best jazz paws hands ever!



Then we started the rehearsal for real and opened with ‘Another Opening’. We did the in unison lines a few times, and then words we didn’t expect to hear at this stage – “Now without your books”.¬† I think Gary was giving us a hint¬†to¬†start learning the words.


Some other words we didn't expect to hear this early on in rehearsals

Some other words we didn’t expect to hear this early on in rehearsals


I bet the Lion King Medley played backwards has a¬†subliminal message included¬†– you will¬†learn the words early, you won’t leave it until the last week, you won’t share mislearnt words on Facebook.

All it took was ‘With One Look’ and the men got a sneak peek of¬†our Big Normas. They’re not as big as they will be as¬†we’re a bit rusty, but we¬†tried our best to fling them out over the balcony to the men downstairs.¬† Hope you enjoyed that and watch out for our Normas getting bigger every week.


A Tenor Lady who preferred her old seat in rehearsals

A Tenor Lady who preferred her old seat in rehearsals


Then even more unexpected words – Please can we sing Welsh instead? – when we started the first lines of chanting from The Lion King. Now this really does look like a challenge. I think it will be great, but I was finding it difficult to read/say/sing at any speed so not sure¬†how good I’ll be able to chant it. Luckily or not there are tons of Lion King funnies on the web to distract me, so that’s my lack of chant learning covered.


It was nice to see some new people had joined. I hope they weren’t scared by our choreography, Normas (little and big), or the mammoth word learning task ahead. To make them feel welcome Gary asked them out to the front to sing solo and we sang Bali Ha’i to them.¬†There were¬†a few of us who wanted to pretend to be new so we could hear the full choir, but we didn’t think quick enough and we were wedged in our seats.

We were all tired after the first rehearsal as we seemed to do a lot of work. Gone are the days when first rehearsals meant sorting out your file nicely, filling up your new water bottle, and finding the Tenor pencil.

Remember don’t take a chance with the chants and learn it early (that’s what I’ll be chanting to myself).

See you all next week!

Lorraine x


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