Words, words, words and a few lions

1 Feb

Hi everyone

Warm ups this week got us buzzing early on with the ‘VVvvvZZZZZzzzzzFFffffttt’ exercises. The ones that make your lips tingle, your teeth rattle, and give you the opportunity to hockle on the person in front (though best keep on their good side as you’ll want to pin ‘Lion King’ words on their back later on).


BuZZZZzzzzz off swiFfftttttly

BuZZZZzzzzz off swiFfftttttly


I knew that I’d struggle with the words to some of the nearly by heart numbers, but I wasn’t expecting to literally struggle with numbers themselves. Gary played a cruel trick on us with his counting warm up. The one where we count up from 1 to 8, and back down again – “one, one two one, one two ah shit, one two shit mumble, mumble, six, oh no eight” or even worse “eight, eight seven eight , eight seven four, shit ……………………..ONE”. 

I was living in fear that we were going to progress to Gary shouting out a number for us to sing the note back to him – one and eight are ok – but seven? four? Luckily we didn’t progress so we must have been rubbish at the first exercise.


Has Lorraine lost her memory? She can't count up to four!

Has Lorraine lost her memory? She can’t count up to four


We sang through all of the numbers but not in order (if that makes sense). Not in concert order I mean, not back to front because that would be like singing in Swahili. Gary was astonished by our ‘Astonishing’ as we have remembered it from a previous concert. Aren’t we clever? Numbers, words, next we’ll be interpreting the songs through the medium of dance. Oh that reminds me there’s choreography in ‘Can You Feel A Brand New Day’ which I don’t know. I joined in as best I could but with a bit of a time delay, a flailing of arms, jazz hands and swearing mumbling going on at the same time.


I'll look about I owe it to myself to check it out. Can you see my brand new dance?

I’ll look about. I owe it to myself to check it out. Can you see my brand new dance?


The songs I find difficult are the ones like ‘Memory’ and ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ where I know the tune well, so want to sing that rather than the alto line. Again there is a time delay and it takes me a few bars to remember not to sing the tune. Oops! Feel free to hit me or stare at me when I do it.

We did fat chants (from bar 216) in the ‘Lion King’ slowly at first, and then up to speed. Followed by the whole medley with no worries – Hakuna Matata!


Take a chants on me

Take a chants on me


There was no Le Miz snow splat this week, but only because there’s no snow. We did have another Le Miz faux pas in our alto huddle around the only copy we had of ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’. So the alto line this week was something like – Do You Hear the People Swing, oops sing, singing the song of “move your finger”, it is a music of a  “sling your left Norma over your shoulder ‘cos I can’t see Gary” people who will not be “eee I don’t know this” etc.

Contrast this alto huddle, or even the tenor pencil, with a hi-tech soprano dude downstairs who was singing along and following the music on her ipad. Yes you heard right an ipad, no not an i-patch left over from the Titanic concert. An ipad tablet swiped not stolen I must add rather swiped as in using the touch screen by a high voiced and hi-tech soprano. At least I think she was following along, she could have been playing Angry Birds or tweeting 😉


An ipad you say. How very modern

An ipad you say. How very modern


We left the rehearsal with lots to learn. I’m going to have to stop myself from skipping over songs on the CD that I think I know well, because I blatantly don’t. Take ‘Bali Ha’i’ for example, which I sang as an alto 1 way back in 2003, and now I’m singing somewhere between an alto 1 and/or 2 in parts (I’m  not sure how I’ll ever record over the alto 1 version in my head).

As we’ve now sang all the numbers that means Gary can let rip with his creativeness. Uh oh. So get practicing those jazz hands and dance steps for next week, add in a bit of Swahili too if you fancy a challenge.

Such fun!

See you all next week.

Lorraine x


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