The Great Inspiration Sing Off

9 Feb

Hi everyone

We’ve had 2 rehearsals this week, so I’m not sure how this will pan out. It could become 2 posts or it could be 1 long one, let’s wait and see what happens.

Warm ups started with ‘Vvvvvvv’s and ‘ZZZzzzzzzzzzz’s (but no ‘FFFFFFFFFtttttttttt’s so we must be perfect with them). We buzzed back and forth to one another, and then moved onto a new exercise to help us go from quiet to loud. It always helps to use visualisation, so we were told to put our right hand in front of us and make it into an Emu not Gary’s exact instructions. When you sing softly Emu is happy with his beak open just a little, as you get louder (and closer to Parky) Emu’s beak gets wider, then back to quiet and beak closer together.


Quiet to loud. Think of it as 'happy Emu' to 'attacking Emu'. Or as totally bonkers if you're under 30

Quiet to loud. Think of it as ‘happy Emu’ to ‘attacking Emu’. Or as totally bonkers if you’re under 30


Gary explained that we would go through the concert in order and for us to mark ourselves (out of 10) for 3 elements earth, wind and fire music, words and performance. Luckily I had overcome my number amnesia from last week, so I had the potential to score higher than 4. Not so luckily it has taken me the best part of an hour to remember the word ‘amnesia’ – do you think that’s a sign? Gary would also give us an overall score, so we could ‘oohhh’ or ‘aaaaaahhh’ accordingly.

Some guest judges were on hand to give their scores as well.


Bali Ha'i er or lower than a 5?

Bali Ha’i er or lower than a 5?


'Falling Slowly' scored 4/4/5. But lost points for a soggy bottom

‘Falling Slowly’ scored 4/4/5. But lost points for a soggy bottom


Act I ends with the ‘Lion King’ but we had a few trial runs before we did our scored attempt. We practised fat chants from bar 213 right up to the bit where they find the chip shop in bar 245, saving the big end for our real scored version.


T'ill we find our plaice on the path unwinding, in the circle of life. Bob.

T’ill we find our plaice on the path unwinding, in the circle of life. Bob.


Gary tweaked the opening soprano chant (I’m still with ‘Lion King’ here by the way) and the difference was amazing. Just one tweak and I was transported back, not to Africa though rather to Weatherfield, the early years of Coronation Street and the dulcet tones of Hilda Ogden. Hilda helped us score a 9 for performance, which turned the 6s given for music and words on their heads.


Nancy Gonya...... see thee um gon wi' Stan

Nancy Gonya…… see thee um gon wi’ Stan


We continued with the scores on the doors after the break.


Where is this brand new choreography eh? I can't feel it yet.

Where is this brand new choreography eh? I can’t feel it yet.


I tried to ask the ‘Seasons of Love’ ensemble about their marks, but they didn’t have a hang of the scoring 😉


 – “In daylights? In sunsets? In midnights?”

– Noooooohhhhhh it’s out of ten actually

– “In inches? In Miles? In laughter? In strife?


– “OOOooohhhhh five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred …”

We got to hear the men sing ‘Nothing like a dame’ for the first time, and they scored a Len Goodman “Seven” for comedy. We also got a cheap laugh from Gary telling them to watch out for their burnt ends in ‘Memory’. I stopped laughing shortly after hearing myself trying the close harmonies in ‘Memory’, well I was on the Alto 1 / Alto 2 cusp and kept getting distracted.

After last week’s Alto huddle we’d put our Normas back at last, so were all able to see the music for ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’.  This was our highest scoring song of the night. Woo hoo!


Did I hear - 9 9 9 ?

Did I hear – 9 9 9 ?


We left feeling proud of our 9/9/9 score and had already forgotten about any scores under 5 with a much better idea of which areas to work on.

I think I’ll continue on a separate post for our Saturday rehearsal, but first I might need to look for more videos of performing cats.


To be continued  …….

Lorraine xx


2 Responses to “The Great Inspiration Sing Off”

  1. Chris Monks February 9, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

    That tickles me every post I laugh out loud! Thanks. Its made my night

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