A quick hello it’s been a while

20 Feb

Hi everyone

Well it’s another week with no choir rehearsal. But at least this is a planned absence and not one forced on us by horrible wintry weather.

There are some advantages to rehearsing at home:

  • You can sing in the bath, whilst drinking wine
  • You can laugh loudly and hysterically without your friends thinking you’ve flipped. For the best laugh try practising the ‘Lion King’ African chants (fat and no chants) by heart. To progress to manic and hysterical laughter try singing it acapella (switch off the CD) and at full speed to your friends and family
  • If you’re so inclined (I’m not like) you could rehearse outside, whilst jogging. This will help you to fully embody Norma Desmond – “To my people in the park, still out there in the park”
  • Staying at home means no need for babysitters


Lie down. listen to the music and let the kids play

Lie down. listen to the music and let the kids play


I’ll be honest with you I’m writing this as a distraction from doing some serious word learning. I need to get back into the zone (or bath perhaps?) and start writing out the words to make them stick. It’s long winded but the only method that works for me.

I also need to listen to ‘Astonishing’ on a continuous loop as I haven’t done this one before. There is one bit near the end where I go massively wrong, every time. It’s just one note (don’t ask me which) but Sharon on the CD stays on one note and I go up. If I don’t sort it out soon I’ll be a surprise soloist, which would be quite funny if my wrong note didn’t clash so badly. If anyone else has this problem please let me know and we could at least do a duet 😉

So back to normal next week, although it’s not that normal as there are 2 rehearsals and one is a photo opportunity. So on Wednesday I must remember to don my black performance gear with a splash of red.


Just a splash of red will do

Just a splash of red will do


How will I remember that? As you know my memory is going I’m sure of it, ask thingy you know her in that Inspiration choir, she sings and wears glasses, and sometimes wears black with a splash of red.

Oh I know if I write it down then I’ll remember. I’ll write it next to my Swahili words, and next to my note about the Astonishing note. What am I trying to remember again – Doh!

See you next week.

Lorraine x


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